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Cat Music  

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Ever seen this?

After you press the link, delete the "<br%20/></a>" from the end of the adress line, press "enter", and you will be able to see it... (hopefully!)

http://www.eyeenvision.com/litterbox...box.html<br />

(give it some time to download)

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Isn't it awesome?!?
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OMG, not only is it scaring me but my kittys came running in to see the fight and then started to get "pissy" with each other, it like started a fight here. now I got to calm them all down, go and get the pounce.

Ok I'm back, but the screaming won't stop I had to turn off my speakers, Wieland and Maple are walking all low to the ground with their ears down and the other 5 are hideing. they took their sancks and split. Dali:girlie:
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wow, I had no idea it affected kitties like that!!! Sorry Dali!!!

Mine were very intruiged by the sounds... I was laughing so hard that they were scared of me eventually!!

Im just thinking to myself: Okay, who was SO bored they came up with something like that?!?!?!?!?
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Help Help
I can't turn my speakers on because that horrible song is still playing. I went back to site but it doesn't have a stop button PLEASE HELP!!!!! What should I do???? Dali
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did you close the browser altogether?

It never happened to me or anyone I have sent this too...
I guess worst comes to worst, re-start your computer
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I did, I did restart computer, and put in cd to listen to whether the screaming is there or not, We'll all be having nightmares for awhile.
LOL, I don't want you to feel bad, I'm new on the computer so I don't now it all yet. Thank you, it seems to be gone from here, but not our minds.LOL

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That sounds just like our cat when he's at the vet's! He came over, jumped up on my chair, watched for a minute or two, and then ran out on his balcony to see if something was going on outside. Maybe "Litterbox" has a future! I wonder sometimes about the people who come up with this stuff.
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The cats didn't freak out but I had to turnit off. Discordant music hurts MY ears!
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