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Anyone get bad colds or the flu in summer?

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I threw up a few days ago and have a terrible sore throat. Now I have a bad cold also and I have n energy at all. I am also sore. The worse part is we have tickets for the game tonight. I am coughing yellow and green stuff up also. It like a winter flu but its summer. Anyone else get this in the summer? I went to teh county fair last Sat. I ahve not been in any pools or spas.
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John's brother came home sick the other day, coughing and sore throat and stuff. His mom has it today, stuffy nose, very tired, etc. She says hers is allergies though. Three days ago I had a scratchy throat but it went away, and I've got kind of a sinus headache and am tired so I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything more.

I get a cold/flu type thing almost every year in the summer. Actually, I get about one or two per season. Usually sore throat, stuffy nose, etc for a few days and then a cough that won't go away for about 3 weeks.
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I hope they feel better. Years I go I was going to Las Vegas for Vac in July and I got a bad cold also. I felt bad on the plane with that cold. This is worse this time. I bet this cough will last for weeks.
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If I get sick, it is normally in the summer time and it turns into a very nasty cold. I get a sore throat, coughing, runny nose to the point it get raw, and my body hurts. Mine last usually for 5 weeks.
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I never get sick in the summer. A lot of people a my work are sick though.
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I'm just getting over what was probably my second cold of the summer (idk, this one could've been really bad allergies)... but I did get REALLY sick earlier this summer - bright red scratchy throat to where I couldn't talk or swallow and stuffy nose with green stuff and coughing... it really really stinks!

I hope you feel better soon!

I live on Afrin nose spray when I get sick lol plus those new Vicks tissues are amazing - I also have a Vicks vaporizer that I'll put in my room with the medicated stuff in it when I sleep (got it at walmart for like 10 bucks).

Drink lots of OJ and/or take vitamin C pills and some aspirin... if your throat is really bad, I have a downloaded (adobe) Amish sore throat secrets book which I've used some tricks out of and it works pretty well... if you're interested in reading that, PM me with your email and I can attach it in an email to you!
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Blagh! It's probably extra uncomfortable to feel sick in the heat!

I usually get illnesses in the winter, not so much in the summer.
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From what I've learned, people tend to get sick more in the winter only because they're usually cooped up inside buildings with more people and less ventilation, so germs spread around. It's not the weather that's the culprit.

Anyways, I was starting to get a sore throat/cough the other day and right away I took a Vitamin C tablet. It worked! I didn't get sick. I figured out where I caught it from...this guy I sit next to in my group I go to each day, has a horrible cold. I've been taking the vitamin C every day for about a week now. I forgot to take it one day, and I could feel the symptoms coming on the next day. So I took some more, and the symptoms went away!

It's like magic!! I recommend taking lots of vitamin C to anyone starting to feel a cold coming on. I heard Zinc helps too.
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Chloriseptic spray is a radio persons best friend. Because I work in such a close environment with my coworkers (using the same microphones, keyboards, sound boards, computers), I'll get sick very very easily. I got a wicked cold this summer. And it was merely my bodies natural way of telling me to slow down. I was working 65 hours a week at the time and just needed a break.
Good luck with your cold. I hope I haven't just jinxed myself but I haven't been sick in a month.
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I haven't had one in a while, but I think they are worse than getting them in the winter. Probably because of allergies and humidity.

I am coughing yellow and green stuff up also.
That is a sign of infection. Get to a doctor and get some antibiotics. Whatever you have is no longer just a cold because of the colour of phlegm that you are coughing up.
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Yes, i got so sick Sunday morning (our son's wedding was on Saturday), I couldn't even eat any toast for breakfast before we left. All I wanted to do was come home and go to bed.

Threw up twice on the way home. Slept all day and most of the night. Thank goodness I had already taken off work Monday and Tuesday. But still didn't get back to work till on Thursday.

I am a little congested, but feeling a lot better then at the beginnning of last week
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It's eons since I've had a summer cold, but they always seemed worse than winter ones -- maybe because in winter one is more conditioned to seeking warmth, so snuggling up in bed and sleeping it away seems less of an imposition somehow. Whatever -- hope you're feeling better soon.
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I am drinking Hot Tea and Ginger Ale. My nose is terrible. Its all red and dripping. I used up all the Kleenex in the house. Now I am using toilet paper. I had a box of vicks medicated Kleenex but I can not find it. I have my jar of Vicks though. I can not wait to stop sneezing and coughing.
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I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat and my nose is starting to get plugged up. I'm getting a head cold. I haven't got a full blown cold for almost 2 years.... I feel awful.
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