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RIP Bernie Mac

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I was shocked to read this
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Oh no, this is awful. I love Bernie Mac. My husband has sarcoidosis. The world has lost a good man. RIP Bernie Mac.
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Wow, last I heard, his publicist said he was in hospital, but was doing well and should be out soon.

RIP Bernie Mac.
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I've never heard of him, but my condolences to his family and friends.
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I never even knew he was sick. So sad I loved Bernie Mac
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I am so sad to hear that I really liked watching all of his shows and movies. The world has definitely lost a very good entertainer My heart goes out to his family
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I only knew him from Ocean's Eleven, and he was hilarious in that. Sad news.
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it's so sad that he passed away he was an amazing comedian may he RIP
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Last I heard he had Pneumonia, now today I just read this and was completely shocked! He was such a funny guy, the funniest IMO. I would watch the Bernie Mac Show and laugh so often because this guy just had that natural talent to make anyone laugh at his jokes and his facial expressions were hilarious how he sort of made his eyeballs pop out when he was shocked lol. He will be greatly missed!
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Bernie Mac was a great talent. The eyeballs popping out, lol, he was good at that!
His show comes on here from 7pm-8, I always watch it while I eat diner.
I am picturing him now sitting in his chair from the show, with his cigar, saying "Hey America, I jus got to go now. I know ya all be sad, but I got to go. Don't give me no lip bout it now, Bernie don't play that. America, jus the way it is! Now, I gots to go, angels here gonna be fleeced of their wings once ole Bernie gits them at at the poker table, yes sir!"
Sorry if that was not PC, but that is how he spoke. Have fun dude wherever you are now if there is an afterlife!
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I was very shocked when my bf told me that he had died.. I never even knew he was sick or in the hospital (i guess that shows how much i pay attention). and then when i heard of what it was, i was even more shocked.. i didnt know people still died of pneumonia unless they were really young or really old.. i couldnt believe it, he was such a great comedian.. so funny. its awful.

R.i.P. Bernie Mac
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A guy I work with texted me about that yesterday I enjoyed The Bernie Mac Show. The world has lost a great comedian.

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I was really shocked this morning when I saw this on the news. And he's the same age as me....... so young to be gone. He was such a funny guy.
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