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Premature Kittens

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One of the Lucia's kittens is very premature. Renzo was always the runt. Here is his photo:

Here is his sister Rosa's photo:

These were taken several days ago. But his ears are still down, his face is still flatter, his eyes are not blue yet and he is much smaller than the others. I am getting a little worried for him. I cuddle him extra and give him a bottle everyday to supplement since he looses any nipple fight that happens but I am worried about how far behind he is developmentally. Are there things I should worry about? Do premies have long term health concerns?
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I think supplementing is a great idea and will help him. My little Mini-B was so tiny too...last week was at the 3 week old weight...they were 5 weeks. I just weighed them again last night and they're all fatties now. Mini-B is still smaller than the rest, but you don't notice as much because she's got long hair...

Keep an eye on him, take him to the vet if you're really concerned. I wish him and you the best of luck...just keep up what you're doing and I'm sure all will be ok
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Sometimes, the preemies are slower developmentally but the chances are that he will catch up with the rest of the litter in time. I agree that supplementing with the bottle for now is a fine idea. Give it another week (unless he is otherwise in distress) and see how it goes, but unless he is showing signs of illness or otherwise distressed, it is probably OK. Go to the vet if you have any nagging doubts whatsoever and don't wait if he gets into trouble.

They are both absolutely precious! You just gotta love those little pink noses!
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My Oreo was like that and she will be 1 in a few weeks. She never did catch up to the others. She weighs 6 pounds now. Your kitten could go either way. Cocos runt son is 15 pounds. You would never know he was the runt. I hope your kitten will be fine. Oreo has fcks and that stunted her growth.
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Thanks for the compliments and I agree gay those pink noses are too precious.
I am so glad to hear that others have had some good success with their premies.

Mews-I had remembered that one yours had fcks and I looked into it but I don't think Renzo has it. Your new siggy is very nice.

I may end up keeping him because he is so little. I spend so much time with him that I have come to love him almost too much. He has come to expect to spend time with me and crawls to the door then I come and whines to be picked up. His motor skills are not that good.
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