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last saturday my DH and i saw ringo starr and his allstars at the greek theatre in L.A. it was a great show. right before the show started i happen to look to my left and there was jeff lynne from electric light orchestra standing there. we were in the 5throw pit. next thing i know he is walking in the row right behind me and i got to shake his hand.
sunday night my friend liz and i went to costa mesa to see sammy hagar and the scorpions. right next to the walkway into the venue is a fence. some guy started yelling sammy! we glanced over and saw a limo but kept walking. then we hear the same guy yelling 'hey it's hagar' and sure enoughsammy is walking on the other side of the fence. he came over and started shaking hands with all of us. he was the opener and brought along mike anthony of van halen and billy duffy of the cult. both him and the scorpions put on an awesome show.