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I am so sorry everyone

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When I logged on tonight, after 3 days of not being online and many more days of not having much time online when I was online, I had so many e-mail notifications from this site of new threads...over 200....I just can't read them all..I wish to God I could... not that anyone expects me to, but I feel I should....I care so much about the friends I have made here, and really want to get to know the new members, but I just cannot read all of these threads. I just can't.

So, if I missed anything important...I am sorry....congrats to all of you who hit new marks (100, 500, 1,000...and I think I saw our Ady hit 4000)

And to all of you who are sick or loved ones are, I am praying for you all.......

I am sorry if I missed anyone's birthday...or new pictures of their cats....or jokes you posted, or ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

I just hate that I am not able to keep up with everyone like I used to be...I had to skip alot of the e-mail notifications from this site of new threads, I would never in a million years have been able to reply to them all...so please forgive me if I missed anything important....and if I did, would someone please PM me and let me know????????

I love you all!!!!

Cindy...how are those twins...I probably missed that too...
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Debby, you don't need to be sorry. You're a busy girl... you have a job, a new baby, and a family, not to mention your kitties, to take care of. I think we all understand why you're not online more... and even though we miss you, we don't want you to feel guilty for having to take care of things. Don't feel guilty! I mean it! We all have things in our everyday lives that need to be taken care of. No feeling bad!

I think that's it... now smile and relax.
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You are so sweet... And busy!!!

But Im glad you're back now! You are always in a good mood, and cheering up everyone!

(BTW, Hissy posted my picture in the "pictures,pictures" thread while you were gone in case you want to see the face behind the posts... )

Welcome back!!!!
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I don't know if ya missed it or not but i had kittens...well not me my ferral cat snowwhite they are Three little white fuffy clouds of love! yea you can say i'm attached to them already.
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No sweat , Debby. Goodness knows, you've got a life! Just keep popping in, when you can.
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Glad you are ok!!! we were all getting worried...
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Debby - never worry about what you have to miss here - you have a wonderful baby who has to be the 1st priority in your life. We all understand that and even though we miss you I can honestly say I respect you for managing to keep as up to date as you do!
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Don't be sorry! We all understand that your life is hectic these days. It's nice to have you to bring us a little sunshine when you can!
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Sweetie..don't worry about us! We all know how busy you are and we all have issues...we would never expect you to spend every waking minute on TCS. We just miss you and your sweet caring posts! Just remember, if you need anything we all would be right there to help you. Just take care of yourself and the baby (and your furbabe too!) & everything will be ok in the end. We love you and we are here for you if you need it!
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