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The things you do when your SO is out of town...

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My hubby is gone tonight and all tomorrow (think it's the first night apart since we've been married!!). Hmmm...maybe I'll let the dog sleep in the bed with me!

Samson is not allowed on the bed, but since DH is gone...I might just do that! lol. We'll see how it goes though. Having the whole bed to myself does sound pretty good too!!! Decisions, Decisions!!
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When dh goes out of town here's what i do

I go to Blockbuster and rent several chick flicks.

Then i come home and have something sweet to eat with them and veg out on the couch.

After my movie i normally take a nice bubble bath with lots of candles and sappy music.

Then i normally go to bed- i love it when he's gone because i can sleep sprawled out right in the middle and take both pillows (The dogs sleep with me too, but that's nothing new!)

That's normally what i do when he's gone, but sometimes i'll do other stuff too like have a girlfriend over and watch movies with me maybe or cook dinner/etc. Sometimes i have my nieces/nephews over to spin the night and we'll bake and watch kid friendly movies and run errands/etc. Just depends!!
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John was out of town two weeks ago tonight and I was MISERABLE! He had to drive 3 hours south to rescue his parents when their car broke down, and they stayed overnight in a hotel. I sat here on TCS for quite a few hours . Then I layed down, read a good book, watched a little bit of TV and a couple movies and eventually went to sleep. The next day, I had all day until about 5 p.m. so I was able to get a lot of cleaning done. I didn't like being alone at all though!
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I don't cook when my husband is out of town. My daughter and I eat out or get take-out. Cook's nights off!
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Not a hard one here...

I go spend extra time with my horse...hands down there...Lol!

If it's rainy, or super cold (winter), I watch my seasons of Charmed, CSI, or ER...

I also spend alot of time outdoors with my dog, but that's a given, regardless of hubby's horse is boarded out, so I have to 'save time' in order to get out there; but when he's gone...forget it, I'm gone...Hahaha
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My Mother lets Abby (one of her dogs) in bed with her when my step dad is out of town. Or afte he leaves for work in the morning.

When DH is out of town I try to cook everything I love that he wont eat! That's the only good thing about being home alone!
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I kept up on watering all the plants - pretty time consuming and something he usually does, regrouted the tub, bought a new file cabinet and refiled all of our paperwork. I like it lots better when he's here.
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When DH is out of town and our daughter is home from college I cook our favorite dishes with eggs. Ben doesn't care - he eats his usual unhealthy stuff. Or we get take out.

Butzie gets much more cuddly when DH is away.
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