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Anyone scrapbook? I'm going to work on a few - just got a bunch of cat scrapbooking kits in the mail today! I haven't made one before, but I've loaded all my picture of Katina & Monte onto a CD to get prints made, and then will also be adding our next kitten to the same book.

I also want to make one for our wedding and our honeymoon I've got a few little stickers and accessories for those. I actually have the book part for the vacation one too.

My MIL scrapbooks a lot, she'll spend an entire day at scrapbooking parties. I'll be darned if I'm going to any of those. It doesn't help that we live together and I pretend we don't.

This might also keep me busy when I'm waiting for DH to leave work. Just bust out some supplies and work on one of the books Try to force my creative side out!
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I made some awesome scrapbooks from our vacations - well, our daughter's and mine vacations to Europe. The trick is to bring a scrapbook, scissors and a glue stick with you. You can get about 8'x4' so it is not that big.

I went to Austria and Germany last summer with DH. Didn't take a scrapbook - know where all the presents and mementoes are? My closet.

I got the idea for vacation scrapbooks from Martha Stewart. She said to do things like use local maps as background and saved ticket stubs to what you saw. Leave spaces for pictures where you want and paste them in afterwards. Jenny and I have beautiful memories of our trips.
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I used to get into scrapbooking somewhat, when I worked for a catalog company that sold photo albums & the accessories. I made a scrapbook for my furbies (which I really need to update now b/c I have more cats!), and I need to get one started for my granddaughter.
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I've done several... I'm a bit of a perfectionist with them so they take me awhile

I've made them for my trip to Germany (it is HUGE) in high school, England in HS for church, my senior HS trip to Florida, my trip to the Orange Bowl in Miami and my parents' trip to San Antonio.

I use both neat background papers as well as solid colors... I have several different design scissors and tons of little stickers and stuff and I save EVERYTHING from my trips to add to the books too... like the inside covers of my Germany album are deckles (cardboard coasters) from all the bars we went to

I have the University album and paper and stickers and all to do the one for my college graduation (last year) but I know I want it to be perfect so I haven't started it yet haha

Oh and I keep all my scrapbooking "stuff" in a rubbermaid that fits under my bed.
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I made a scrapbook documenting my nephew's first year, and then I gave it to my sister on his first birthday.
It was a very hard thing to part with after I had spent so much time (and MONEY!!) on it, but she really appreciates it.

I really had fun making it and I think it's a great way to be more creative with your memories. Everything is so expensive though... my word of advice would be to have a plan before you buy things. If you have a general idea of what pages you're making and what you want them to look like, you can focus on buying things specifically for those projects, instead of just buying everything in sight because you "might" use it. Trust me... you won't use it, lol.

I really want to get started on making one for the pets, and a few pages for my trip to Chicago.. I just have no motivation.
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Heck, I'm lucky if I can get motivated enough to actually put pictures in an album, much less get creative with it! I have 4 big packing boxes of pictures from my parents house that I have to go through one of these days (some in albums, some loose), not to mention my own pictures. I've been meaning to get all my wedding photos organized for almost 3 years and it hasn't happened yet.

I do LOVE looking at scrapbooks though. In fact, one girl at work does her's in between calls and it looks so nice.
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I love scrapbooking when I actually have the tine to do it! I have a few scrapbooks. My first one I ever did was the one of our honeymoon. I love looking at it and remembering the things we did! It's such a nice way to display your memories and to show other people.
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[quote=BuzbyJLC10;2378843]I've done several... I'm a bit of a perfectionist with them so they take me awhile./QUOTE]

I am the same way. I have a roomful of supplies. Lately though I just haven't had the time to do any pages. I want to start again this fall. I am redoing the flooring upstairs in my house and had to move everything out of my craft room and I have the bug again.
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I made a few pages for the scrapbook yesterday. Definitely not as awesome as some I've seen posted online on scrapbook sites, but I like them

I picked up a 6 pack of "Crazy Cut" scissors, and a glue roller - that thing is so convenient! The first few pages were pre-designed Karen Foster cat album pages, and I also have textured solid colored card stock. I just got 15 sheets of designed paper off a site called Pet Memories. Currently watching an ebay auction for a humongous kit that includes a beautiful album (with expandable posts) and a ton of other goodies for a great price so far.

Haven't gotten too much for the other albums I plan on making. I've got an album for our vacation to New Jersey / New York City in 2007, and saved EVERYTHING I've got ticket stubs from the train to NYC, ticket stubs to a NHRA drag racing event we went to, the New York Times we found on the train home (it even had a story from Charleston, SC on the front page!), the umbrella from the drink I had at the restaurant with my grandparents, and 200+ pictures. I just need the little embellishments and stuff to make it interesting.

For our wedding album, I need to get copies of our wedding photos. The MIL only gave me one copy in a regular photo album her friend made up (her friend was the "wonderful" photographer ). Even my parents dont have their own copies of the pictures yet. I don't want to use the only copy I have and start cutting them up!

It does look like it can get expensive though! The MIL shops on Creative Memories, and had a $350 bill from ONE order! I think Wal-Mart and surfing the internet for good deals will work for me None of them will probably be the best scrapbooks on earth, but they're still mine, even if I'm not very creative
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I love to scrap, but unfortunately, it is a hobby that is 1) way too time-consuming and 2) way too expensive for me to get a project completed quickly.

I have several that I am currently working on:

1) Two "Sisters" books with photos I got from my mom's old, falling apart scrapbook of the three of us as children along with more current photos up to the present. The opening page contains photos of both my mom and dad at their wedding. The caption on that page is "Sisters are Different Flowers From the Same Garden" and is turning out really nicely.

2) My wedding album - I couldn't afford a professional photog when Maury & I got married (now 20 years ago), but the guests (mostly close family) all took photos and gave me copies. I haven't even begun on that one, although I do have the book and a lot of the papers and supplies for it.

3) An "Our Life" album with my husband & I along with our son. That's almost finished. I am at the point in time with photos from my son's graduation from high school and getting ready to go off to college.

4) A "Special Friends" book with all of my kitties. The starter materials for this one were given to me by my friend Beth and I haven't started on it yet.

So, I have five books (there were two sisters books) and I plug away at them as time and money allow.
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I like to scrapbook. Right now I'm working on my youngest daughters wedding scrapbook. I also have to start my grandson, Mason's. Especially since the daughter who got married a year ago is having a baby herself the end of October! Then I'll have another one to start!
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I`ve done some scrapbooking....but mostly I make greeting cards.
I`m thinking of going through ALL our pictures (2 huge plastic containers of them!) and making copies of the best pics when our kids were still at home and making a scrapbook for myself and each of the 3 of them......but I have`nt got to the sorting yet...that seems like a BIGGER job to me than the actual scrapbooking!
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