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New pee problem, need some help,thanks

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I am finding big puddles of pee, only on top of big tables. Nn spraying, doesn't look like marking, just as if a cat squatted down and emptied her/her bladder.

Does anyone know if it indicates a female since it's not marking?

I asked the vet about urinanalysis for each of 6 cats (one just had hers done because of bladder surgery and is fine). It's $90 per cat, $130 if they have to keep them overnight to get the urine. I can't do that on top of two surgery bills and being on SSI.

I haven't been able to catch whoever's doing it in the act.

Anyone encounter this kind of pee before, and if anyone knows, what does it mean - UTI, when it's so much of it?

Thanks very much,

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Sorry I don't know much about UTI (urinary tract infections). Here is a link to a site that might be helpful. Scroll down the articles to those about litterbox. She talks about many things in the articles concerning these issues. Dr. Jean has been on the expert forum before.

Here is a thread from the expert forum regarding litterbox issues.

This link may be very helpful. It is a sticky at the top of this thread.

Hope you might run across something helpful in those links. Great reading and information. I had a sprayer. "Urine Off" and "Wee Cleaner" brands worked well in removing traces of urine and odor to discourage return visits to the same spot. Good luck to you.
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I have 2 males with a UTI problem. I have other cats and it was pretty easy to detect who it was doing it. They can't help themselves, they try to get relief anywhere they go and in front of anyone. I also have a male that marks his territory, but sometimes it seems he just urinates around considering the amount of urine and its in the middle of a table also, nothing around to spray on. Theres cats outside the house that I feed and it upsets him. So it might not necessiarily mean male or female, if they don't spray. I use Feliway diffusers, it works to a point, I probably should put it in every room. I also use Urine Gone and wash around with white vinegar. I'm sorry if I'm not helping. Some times its hard to figure out until you know the one thats doing it. Good luck.
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I'm having the same problem with one of my kittens, and am at a loss, too. The good peeps here at TCS have been trying to help me out: attached is a link to the thread. Maybe there is some advice in it that will help you out.


Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be!

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Thank you, everyone!

I'm just not sure. I have one who I think has a slight chance of having diabetes, not at all sure, since she hasn't lost weight (quite the opposite!) but she does drink a lot.

Would this work: get a sample (hopefully), send it up to the vet, analyze it, and if they find crystals, treat all other 6 cats for it. I don't know if that would hurt them or not, don't think so.

So I'l check w/vet and ask about that.

I do have good Urine-Off spray, but they just pick another place.

And it's so infrequent, I kind of doubt a UTI, anyway.

I'll also bring cat pan up from the basement again. Maybe one of them is just too lazy to go downstairs, or is being chased away from the pans.

Good to know the puddles don't necessarily male or female, though that takes care of me narrowing down the possible culprits.

As I"ve said elsewhere, Prozac has completely stopped the marking inside because of strays. So that leaves only four possible perpetrators.

I recommend the Prozac highly.

Good luck to all of us, and thanks very much for the links, too.

Seaturtle (wondering if I"ll go bankrupt from buying Urine-Off)
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