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ID Tag Recommendations, Please

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I am currently searching for one of my cats, Baby Girl. She got outside when one of my friends came over and didn't latch the back door properly; she has very clever paws, unfortunately.

The most frustrating thing is that she is wearing her collar but not her ID tag. Her tag was made of plastic, and she managed to chew it off not long before she got out. I have to depend on the flyers I distributed to the neighborhood, or getting lucky at the animal shelter.

Tiny has been similarly chewing at his tag, and I didn't think much of it before, but if he manages to get it off his collar... or get the collar off...

I need a metal tag that will stay on the collar, preferably one I can order online. I'm in the United States. I don't need a lot on it--just my phone number is fine. It should be small because I don't want the cats getting it in their mouths; the tags I had before were rather big for the cats, and dragged in their water and food dishes, and they'd probably break their teeth on the metal.

The local animal shelter can't afford a microchip scanner. Asked 'em that already.

Besides the obvious, "Baby Girl, you come back home right NOW because your human's worried sick", I have one important question: What's the best way to make sure a tag stays on a cat? And where can I get a small, light metal tag that'll stay on?
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What about the ones that don't dangle at all?

Like These: or similar?
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First, fervent hopes your baby comes home SOON!!! I just got my tags at Petsmart - they don't seem to bother my two.

Or, I know you can order collars at Petsmart online that have id information woven into the collar itself. I'm sure there are other vendords.

Long-term, it might be a great charitable drive to equip the local shelter and police stations with scanners. I'm fortunate - in my area, the cops have scanners, most of the shelters have scanners, and almost every vet will do implants at a nominal fee. Do you have a big box pet store around you - they might be willing to sponsor scanners as long as they receive recognition.

I just hope you have happy news to share very very soon.
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We're in the middle of nowhere... small city, just big enough for Wal-Mart, not big enough for Petsmart or (to my incredible annoyance) a single good bookstore.

Those tags look exactly like what I'm looking for, Forensic. They'd be perfect.
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I bought all my tags from this site and I recommend it. I bought metal for my cats and plastic for my dogs and they come with the rings not those cheap S hooks. They've held up great. I hope you find your kitty soon!!
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
The local animal shelter can't afford a microchip scanner. Asked 'em that already.
Scanners are not that expensive, $250-$500 depending on the model. Perhaps a fundraiser could be arranged as scanners are an invaluable tool.

I hope Baby Girl returns soon
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I always use laser dog tags

I got metal for my dog and cat and you can get LOTS of information on them - Ollie has the mouse one... they print on both sides of the tag - either the same message or different... they're prices aren't bad either, I'm really satisfied with them
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I have these and love them. the font choices is awesome!
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i also use the boomerang tags, altho i use the dangly ones. you can request either S-hook or split ring w/them, as well as writing on both sides of the tag [which mine have].
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
What about the ones that don't dangle at all?

Like These: or similar?
I use those for my cats. Stimpy was always getting the dangly kind in his food and water.
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our kits are big a lil cat tag would get lost in their fur lol . We buy metal heart shaped tags that get engraved at our local pet shop .

Also look on Ebay I got our dogs tag there , his name is Zeus so I got him one with a lightning bolt :P
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I recently got boomerang tags for all three of my cats and my dog...I LOVE them. Once you get them on the collar they do not move at all. They go on the front piece of nylon (on an adjustable collar) so they don't come in contact with the cat's neck. They have enough room for a name, address, and phone numbers. They are stainless steel, so won't rust.

I have had mine for about 1 month and am happy with them. So far my dog hasn't gotten his off yet (which he would always do with his hanging ones, as he's an outside dog).

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