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When I was sending my postcard to Pollyanna, it sparked my interest in having penpals. It's always fun to chat with everyone on the boards, but would anyone like to be part of a PenPal club?

I don't have a lot of free time, but I think it would be fun to write a short letter to a member(s). When I sent my card to Pollyanna, I just wrote a short letter telling her a bit about myself. I know I take for granted that I can chat with all of you via internet, but it's fun to write a letter the old fashioned way. Maybe we could send an actual photo of our cats or a brochure of the town we live it....something that would be different that what we post on here.

Any ideas or suggestions? Good idea or bad? I'm just curious what others are thinking!

Just another thought...maybe we could have secret sisters/brothers? This way we don't know who we get the letter from until we get it? I think that would be fun, but I am willing to choose who gets the letters from who. Someone would have to know that part.

Anyway...Let me know what you think?
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Good idea! We need to get together a list of people's addresses somehow without posting them on the forums. Hmmm...how to do that???

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Some one could have a master list and only give out the addy's to the members who want to participate.
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Ya like an email file or something...Who wants do make the master list up? I would but I am working on the "draw a Kitty" contest right now. (dont forget to enter... )

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I'll do it! It was my idea...I guess I should do some of the hard work, huh?

Those who want to participate, please email me with your addresses. My addy is michendorf@yahoo.com
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Love the idea!
I used to have such many penpals. Two of them are my best friends now, we haven´t met often, but talk occationally on the phone and still send letters and photos, evern Christmas presents. The are from England and Germany, and I got to know then through a penpal club in 1982 and 1983! They have both come to visit me in Iceland, and I have gone to visit them.
Shell, you could have the address list, eceryone could PM their address to you, how would you like that? If you want, I could also manage the addresses.
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At one time, a member was going to start a list of people interested in sending small goodies as impromptu surprises through the mail. Nothing major, just something to generate a smile. It was going to be tested to run for just a couple months with the only stipulation being you needed to send something to your secret buddy at least once a month. But it never got off the ground, I am not sure why. Several people had signed up for it though, including me, as I thought it was a good idea and worth trying.
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Hissy I do too!
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good idea
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I thought I'd bump this up in case if someone might have missed it! I've received several emails since last night...so keep em coming if you want to participate! My addy is michendorf@yahoo.com

I am still trying to sort all of this out so it will go smoothly, but if anyone has some suggestions or ideas please let me know.
Thank you!
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I think it sounds like a wonderful idea!
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I just sent you an email
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That sounds like fun! I'll email you my address.
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