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EEP!!! Guess what I did today!!!

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I was cleaning my engagement ring, with that blue jewelry cleaner stuff, and I dropped my ring!! In the sink!!! Down the GARBAGE DISPOSAL!!!!!! I was on the phone with my fiance's twin, and just burst into tears. I got so upset. He told me to calm down and call Alex.

Well, I did, and fortunately, Alex came and stuck his hand down there and fished it out, with me sobbing in the background the whole time! I was so scared I lost it!!!! Whew!!! It's OK though, cuz I got it back. But, man, I just about had a heart attack! I'm not going to be cleaning it over the kitchen sink anymore!!!!
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Wow, good that you got it back. I think I know how you feel, I lost a beautyful pearl ring my s/o gave me and I am NAKED when I dont have it. I cant understand how I lost it, I still hope I magically will find it. And then I had another ring he gave me, also with a pearl, bigger, and another stone, a ring I wore on special days. The pearl fell out of that one, and we took it for repair, then the next time I wore it the pearl fell out again, and this time I didn´t find it. I feel so bad, it´s like I don´s apriciate his presents, but I really do...
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you should put the plug in when you clean your ring's.Thank God he was able to get it out for you.
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or a facecloth over the hole.
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Oh lord I know how you feel!
I am soooo paranoid about my ring, probably too much.
With in 24 hours of getting it, the center stone broke off some how, somewhere, and of course I couldn't find it.
And it took me like I dunno a month or so to get it replaced and have the ring back.
I left it at an old clients house once, (I take it off to clean my hands, I'm paranoid that water will make the stones come loose). So I was searchign my house, didn't find it. Had to drive back to my clients house just on a whim and hope it was there.

So now whenever I hit it on something specially while I'm cleaning, my heart sinks cause I just know I've knocked off another stone or something! (Though it hasn't happened again.)
My fiance gets upset when I take my ring off to wash my hands or take a shower, he's afraid himself or one of the cats will knock it down the drain.
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Water will not make the stone to become loose,bumping it may.Remeber never wear it if you are going to put your hand in bleach.you should have your ring checked by a jewerler once a year to have your ring checked for loose mount's.The mounts are what makes you loose a stone,they will bend out of shape .When you take them off do you have a ring holder to put the rings on?There are ton;s to choose from.It is much harder to lose a ring if you put them on one.
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I take mine off, when I'm in the shower or putting on lotion. Since the time that Rowdy stole it, it goes into a trinket box. Being an antique, mine has a heavier setting, than modern ones.
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oh that is scary!!! i don't really wear my rings much because i'm always scared i'm going to lose them!
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That's a good idea with putting a washcloth over the drain. (There is no stopper for this sink.) I'll probably just start doing it in the bathroom, where I CAN stop-up the drain. But it's all fine now, since I didn't lose it after all. I'll be double-careful in the future, though!!!!
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ohh wow!! Thanks goodness you got it back!
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