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New kitten

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My husband and I are going to be getting a new kitten in a week. I am a little nervous because I have never had a 6 week old kitten. I have always gotten them at 12 weeks. This kitten is female and a siamese. I was wondering if she will be ok with using the litterbox? Also I was told you should not let siamese kittens go before 12 weeks is this true? I know I need to introduce her slowly to the other cats. Is there anything else I should know since I have never had one this small?
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Well, Siamese or not, kittens should never go before 8 weeks minimum. They are so fragile and need thier moms. The first thing you should consider is that they need to be in a small space like a single room with the litter. At that age too much room ='s an oops. Second is that the new kitten should be vaccinated before meeting any other cats. Yes, I am sure you cat is as healthy as ever, but all cats have what we call well germs. Germs this cat may have been exposed to may be different than what your cat has. I wouldnt want either cat to get sick. I would at least keep them seperate until the kitten is 8 to 10 weeks old. It also gives them a chance to sniff under the door. If you dont mind me asking, why is this kitten being let go so early?
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I'm not sure why. I know when I called I was told that they had to go and would be ready next week. I thought it was kinda early. I plan on taking her to the vet as soon as I get her. It will be the next day. Do you think that would be ok if I keep the other cats way from her? If I keep her in another room with the door closed so the other cats can't get in there? I am going to look at her on Sunday. I will see if I can find out why they are letting them go so soon.
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Yes, they will be okay seperated. I just worry about the lil' ones. As you know I am a breeder and I have seen some pretty crappy things. I keep ALL my kittens until they are 12 weeks. No if and's or but's. I just find that it helps with so much. I keep all the kittens and mom away from the other cats until that time. I make sure they have had a distemper at 8 weeks and then another at 12 weeks along with the rabies. Then they come out to visit thier new family members. Just put her/him in a room with a warm bed and give lots of love. I even leave a tv or radio on when I cant be in the room. This also gives them plenty of time to bat or talk to each other under the door. It makes the meeting day so much easier. When you go to get the kitten, let me know what the deal is. How clean the house/cattery is.
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Well I'm going on Sunday to see the kittens. I won't be bring it home until next Thursday. I will be bring 2 home one for my moyher in law and one for myself. I just hope they will be ok since you said they should stay until 8 weeks. Is there anything I should look for while I am there? Other than the house being clean/neat? I would be very upset if I got a sick kitten!!
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First I would look at the area they keep the cats. Is is dirty,smelly and crowded? I would check the kittens ears for dirt or mites. Contrary to popular belief, kittens in a cattery should not be born with any mites or develope them. I would pay close attention to the eyes..are they crusty, dirty or is thier 3rd eye lid showing. Then I would look at thier gums, are they pink and healthy looking, do they have bad breath. All of these things are a big no,no. If you are looking to rescue a kitten and nurse it back to health, then go for it. If you are paying for a show or pet quality papered cat then no, dont buy it. An unclean enviroment is breeding grounds for things like FIP. If all looks good, then you can pick them up on Thursday and start bonding with the babies. The ONLY benifit to getting them so young is that they are still really open for human socialization.
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Thank you so much. I am paying for the kittens. I will let you know how thing are at the house. Thank you for giving me ideas of things to look for.
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Well I got a call from the lady where I am getting the kittens from. She said they are ready. So I went to get them. They are so cute. Clean house and very nice. These are not pedigree kittens. Well I brought them home and everything was fine. All of a sudden they started hissing at one another. They are also hissing at me. Are they scared? I have no idea what to do but leave them alone. They are fine with each other when left alone. I have some KMR just incase. If you have any input please...help.
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They are probably very scared. We were just talking about breeders who let thier cats go too early tonight too. No, I wouldnt leave them alone for long. I would just go into the room and sit on the floor while talking to them. Let them calm down and realize you wont hurt them. They will eventually come over to see you. I am glad everything looked good. Just keep a close eye on them.
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I have been reading about you getting these kittens and was wondering what reason they gave for letting them go so soon. I work in rescue and we absolutely don't let them go until they are at least 10 weeks. That is, unless it is a wonderful home with no children/other pets and they are abandoned by their mother. I am glad they are working out. Siamese seem to talk a lot so get ready for some real conversation. The hissing will stop once they get used to their environment. They recognize by smell so since their environment has changed, they will calm down when they get used to the smell. They also recognize people by smell so be sure and let them sniff you a lot to get used to your particular smell. Hope all goes well. Keep us posted!
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I really didn't get a real reason why. I guess people around here think it is ok for them to go then. It kinda makes me mad. I figured that I would give them a home. I am so glad I have someone to help me with this I have never had a kitten act like this before. Like I said it was kind of avoided when I asked why. All I could get was they had to go but not really a reason. I guess it is good I got two of the four. I will give them a very good home.
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I would love to see some pictures if you ever decide to post any! I'm sure they are adorable!
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I have been very busy with my new kitten. I had to start to bottle feed her since she would not eat. I do not think she was weened. She is doing very well. I will post a picture of (Kahlua) and her sister (Mia) my mother in laws kitten as soon as I can. It will be later tonight or tommrow. Thank you all for you help once again.
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Pictures of the kittens. I hope this works.

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Oh they are so tiny!! The points are beautiful though. They are so fuzzy!! Thanks for the pics, they are cuties, I am sure you will keep the cutest for yourself
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They are precious!!!! Try some really smelly canned food. They might go for it! Thanks for sharing!
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I have mine eating off of a plate. I have one problem. She is not pooping. I have tried to get her to go using a warm wash cloth. It is not working. Any ideas?
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You just need to keep rubbing her with a warm cotton ball or cloth until she goes. She is probably not used to solid food and she does not have her mom to help her. If you cant get her to go within 24 hours she needs to go to the vet. A blockage could be life threatening.
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Thank you. I'll keep trying. She is only eating KMR off of the plate I added some chicken baby food to it and she loved it. I have a picture of the one I kept.

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