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Adam had a check-up today

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Adam had his first visit to my vet today. I brought him there last week just to put him on the scale, and he's gained since then from 9.6 to 10.2!! The vet also said that while he doesn't have much fat on him, his muscles feel solid, which is a good sign that he's putting on muscle tissue and his skinniness probably isn't the result of any kind of disorder. I know he feels much better than he did when I got him; I can't feel his vertebrae when I pet him anymore, and his hip bones aren't as pronounced.

So Adam got the go-ahead for a neuter! He's scheduled on Tuesday of next week. He also got a rabies shot today, and I'll have to take him in soon for boosters on the distemper and FELV shots he got last week. He also got a treatment for ear mites; he doesn't have that icky brown-looking junk in his ears, but he has been scratching at them a bit so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I don't want 7 cats with ear mites 2 months from now!

The vet said I might want to keep Adam isolated from the other cats for 2 months and then retest for FELV, as it can take that long for a cat to test positive after being exposed. That seems like such a long time, but I suppose it's better to be sure. We'll see if I can keep him in the bedroom that long! He's getting a little antsy in there.
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Eden was the same way. She didn't gain a ton of weight, but she did put meat on her bones!

Glad his vet check came out OK.
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