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I have always had a TV in my bedroom, and up to a year and a half ago almost always needed one to help me fall asleep..........
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My parents have a tv in their bedroom. My dad suffers from sleephapnia and arthritis and his breathing equipment is stored in the bedroom plus that's the only place he can lay down, so a tv in the bedroom is kind of a requirement for them.

Personally though I wouldn't want one in the bedroom unless I had children.
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When I was married I never had one in the bedroom. Now that I am single I have one in my bedroom. I only watch it in there when I want to watch a movie in bed.
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interesting thread

I personally hate TV!
I think its wrong that, first you pay a huge amount for the TV in the first place, you then have to pay for a TV licence, then on top of that you have to pay yet another fee to have the priviage of having the channels, talk about rip off, I can't get free view were I live so pay sky loads for channels that dont work 95% of the time!

So TVs in every room fine, get the most out of the money your paying these rip off merchants (Just watch the electric bill!)

Sorry rant over, we have a small TV in the bedroom but its never on unless we are watching a DVD!! I had one in the kitchen but got rid of it,
one in the lounge is enough...when we can get a channel to work!
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Yup! We have our second TV in the bedroom....that way if one of us wants to watch something different than the other one ...we have a place to go.
Sometimes we both lay in bed and watch TV together.
We did agree that if one of us wants to go to bed , and the other one does`nt, that the one staying up will watch TV in the living room .....and this arrngement has worked for us for over 42 years!
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I dont have a problem with adults having a tv in their room, but I do have a problem with little kids haveing tv's in their rooms.

I use to babysit kids who COULD NOT, nor WOULD NOT, go to bed without the tv in their room being on. Kids nowadays get too much tv as it is, they dont need it in their bedroom too.
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