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I have had a tv in my room since I was 8... And while I dont currently live with my boyfriend we both do have tvs in our rooms so I'm sure we will when we do move in together.

Plus I CANNOT fall asleep without one on! Or if I dont have a tv (like on vacation) then I have this awesome pillow that has a speaker in it and I can plus my ipod in and at least have music playing to fall asleep to!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Interesting to see the split. But for those that give the reason "well if we want to watch 2 different shows...." - why does the 2nd tv HAVE to be in the bedroom. Can't you have two tv's elsewhere in the house?
Like someone said above, the bed is comfy and it is nice to watch TV in it.

I wouldn't want one anywhere else
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One mentioned about the bathroom. We looked at Parade of Homes and in one of them there was a small tv in the little room where you iron clothes! Talk about overkill...... I think the house had a tv of some size in every single room.
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yeh, i have a TV in both the bedroom & the lounge. it's good to have one in both room's for many reason's! i don't find it a distraction being in the bedroom, else the same could be said for my laptop! it's much nicer watching a movie/or general TV in the bedroom, sooo much easier/& much more comfortable to cuddle up together!

another reason is, if Dan (my partner), want's to watch something i can't stand, then i can easily go in the other room & watch/do something else.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I watch TV in the living room, the bedroom is for sleeping....and other things neither of which involve the TV. I know some people can't fall asleep unless the TV is on, but I have to have complete and utter darkness and silence (except for kitty purrs of course!)

Sounds just like me!

I don't have a TV in my bedroom, but my s/o has one in his. I used to have on back when I lived in Wisconsin, but it was used for my WebTV, and after I had back surgery so I'd have something to do while recovering. I really don't like watching TV in bed: I'd much rather watch it in the living room.

If my s/o is watching TV in the living room and it's something I don't like (which is most of the time ) I just go play on the computer!

BTW, I didn't vote, b/c I really don't have an opinion one way or the other.
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We do have a TV in our bedroom, but we don't usually watch it at bedtime. I use it sometimes when I'm folding clothes or ironing (which I do in our bedroom), and the kids use it sometimes when they all want to watch something different at the same time. It's never been an issue for us, but I don't think I'd like it on at bedtime every night.
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We have a small one in the bedroom. We like it because sometimes, I just want to lay in bed and watch TV and sometimes we want to watch different programs
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We have three TV's -one in Neils workshop, one in the kitchen and one in the family room.
Many experts on sleeping disorders do not recommend one in the bedroom-I have not sleepig issues but I can get plenty comfy watching it in the family room or the kitchen.
Neil likes the one in the garage to watch his shows on Sunday's (sports and PBS).
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I voted no but not just for couples. Having a TV in the bedroom is said to promote poor sleep. I used to have one in my room but took it out just for that reason. But it was because I'd fall asleep with CNN on and would have nightmares brought on by all the bad news (the war etc.). I also have Narcolepsy so I already don't get quality sleep, which makes a TV in the room an even worse idea! I do sleep better now without the TV in my room. If I had a second one again it would be in a spare room or family room. Something like that.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Interesting to see the split. But for those that give the reason "well if we want to watch 2 different shows...." - why does the 2nd tv HAVE to be in the bedroom. Can't you have two tv's elsewhere in the house?
Well, mine HAS to be in a bedroom, otherwise it would be in the kitchen or bathroom! Maybe the dining room which is adjoined to the LR and I would not fathom the two TVs competing against each other for sound.

Ha! I have a big 5 bedroom house, one TV on the first floor in the LR, and 3 upstairs in the bedrooms.

I dont watch TV in my room before bed - hubby will sometimes, but I cant. So our TV is only used throughout the day when it isnt bedtime.

The clever thing with my TV is - it has an OFF switch
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We have on in our room but it's mainly used when I'm folding laundry or when DH is hogging the main tv. My parent's recently took the tv out of their room because of an argument that came from the distraction when one of them came in and started trying to have a conversation, not that that couldn't have had in the living room!
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Yeah I am with Linda...there can be a very good reason to have a TV in the bedroom . I am single again and I like to have a TV in my BR because I work nights and it gives me something to do while I am trying to fall asleep. Of course, I also read but I like to hear the TV in the background for some reason.
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My fiance gets home pretty late most nights from his job, so I watch movies in bed with the cats. And, when he is home...well he has a habit of falling asleep on the couch, so I try to get him to watch movies in bed.

Also, if your watching tv or movies in bed you are less likely to snack... a plus for everyone.

I myself can't fall asleep with the tv on, but it can be nice to get sleepy with a good Food Network "Paula Deen" show Otherwise, the bedroom is used only for sleeping and "stuff" at our home.
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DH can't fall asleep without the TV on and I've gotten used to it. It hasn't interferred with any "quality time". I mean, Letterman can't actually see what's going on, right? Well, I really hope he can't!

We use it sort of like a nite-lite. Otherwise I would be lost tripping over animals to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We normally try to remember to turn the volume down before falling to sleep. If we don't, the downside is either I have very strange dreams (as in selling my cats on ebay) or I wake up thinking I NEED to have whatever the info-mercial is selling (there are some pretty cool things advertised at 3:00am!). Thank god the credit cards are in another room or else I would probably own every kitchen gadget there is.
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You are asking a woman who has a 4 BR house with a LR and family room. 3 of the BRs have TVs. Then we have one in the LR, family room and kitchen. So, I guess we have a 4BR, 6 TVs house.

The one in our BR is the new flat screen one. Jen, Ben and I need it on to fall asleep. DH could sleep through anything.

You know, my computer is in our bedroom, too. So, I suppose we could watch two movies. And we have a portable DVD player, so...
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I don't have one in the bedroom at this time. We do have an extra TV that we are planning on putting there. I don't know how I feel about it. It would be nice to watch a movie together before bed or fall asleep watching tv but this small voice in my head says no tv in the bedroom it's not right. but why you ask? I have no idea the voice is just there telling me no. LOL
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
DH can't fall asleep without the TV on and I've gotten used to it.
That's exactly how I was! I couldn't fall asleep without it being on. But I always woke up feeling like I didn't really sleep so that's why I got rid of it. But I sooooooooooo want one in the room again! But I must fight the temptation!
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I find the idea of sleeping with the tv on quite odd. The one time I forgot to turn mine off before I fell asleep I had nightmares woke up at 2 in the morning with a horror film playing on the tv.
I find the lights and moving images too distracting. I strained my eyes too much last year and now I can't focus on books/tv/computer for too long or I get tired eyes and a headache, which has really cut down on the amount I watch tv.
I do watch tv in my room sometimes. I love it when I'm ill, and I make my room all cosy and curl up in bed to watch bad daytime tv.
It's also useful when I want to do something in a cat free environment, as we keep the cat's bowls in the living room, and my room can be locked to keep the cats out.
My dad always sleeps with the radio on, which is pretty similar. Sometimes its nice to have something on in the background; it reminds you that you're not alone in the world
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I forgot to mention that we do not have cable in the bedroom, just a DVD player, and only two tv's in the house.That really cuts down on how much tv you watch in bed since it requires thinking in selecting a movie, remembering where the controls are to pause it, it ends after two hours, and if I don't feel like watching a movie we have at home then we just don't watch tv in bed.

It was a nuisance at first (no cable in bedroom), but now I think it's a great idea. Maybe when we move into a bigger house we'll do cable in every room, but for now just the tv in living room has cable.
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My boyfriend is addicted to it. If we stay at his place, there is a TV in the room and he falls asleep watching it. At my place, I refuse...

I don't like it. I like quiet to fall asleep. He talks himself to sleep. Sigh....
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Both DH and I feel the tv belongs in the living room/family room and NOT in the bedroom. We have never had one in the bedroom. We feel that you should be concentrating on each other and sleeping without interuptions. QUOTE]

Well, hubby and I haven't even owned a TV since we got married... I know, I know, shocking and bizarre...but anyway, if we did have one, I agree that it should not be in the bedroom. Couples need a place where they can get away from the world and just focus on each other and their marriage, and get some much needed rest. I believe there has been research on how watching TV in bed is somehow detrimental to sleeping soundly, too, but I could be wrong. If we had kids, I also am totally opposed to them having TV's in their rooms. I would want to be able to monitor their TV watching and be sure that I approve of what's being seen in my home!
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We have a TV in our bedroom. A 52" TV at that! (Of course, that will change when we have our own house. That TV will go in the living room and we'll put our 27" Sony back in our bedroom until we get a LCD flat panel).

We don't have any disputes about TV, because we both go to bed at the same time, and generally enjoy watching the same TV shows. If either of us doesn't feel like watching a show, we'll just surf the internet while the other watches, or compromise on a show. It definitely isn't a distraction when it comes to "other activities" either We like to watch DVDs on the PS2 on date night, and it's nice to be able to cuddle up in our own room.

We dont watch TV from bed, we watch it on a couch in the room (which wont be there when we have our own place). But either way, it doesn't affect our sleeping since, like I mentioned, we go to bed at the same time every night.
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We don't have one in our bedroom. I refuse. I have enough problems getting to sleep and staying asleep, so I don't want a tv adding to that. We are already "strange" in that we only have 1 tv in our home. Even if we had kids, at most I would only want 2 tvs in the house.
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I've been living with Jess for two years, and we've lived in a few different places. In two of them, we had a tv in the bedroom, and in two of them, we didn't. Didn't really make any difference in our relationship, and neither of us watch tv while falling asleep or anything.
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DH and I have gone from having a TV in the bed room to not having one. Part of it is because I have sleep related issues, I sleep walk, have night terrors, and have been found attempting to break out of our apartment. Thank goodness the locks on the door make a lot of noise because it's been enough to wake up my husband.

Taking the TV out of the bed room has helped because I used to fall asleep watching Law and Order. Now, I have a white noise machine, and I'm walking around a lot less.
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I guess it depends on how you truely feel about it. We have a TV in our bedroom but it's only on if we are watching it together. There is not a time when one watches while the other doesn't want to. We like to cuddle together and watch something we both enjoy right before we go to sleep. Normally before that we do something together first then have the TV on just for a little while before falling asleep. So just for those reasons I see that it is okay, but if the TV is causing problems then sure it should not be there.I know people who will NOT have a TV in the bedroom and others that do. It just depends on your lifestyle. If you both enjoy watching together, then why not.
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We have a really small apartment. If we had room for one in the bedroom, we would have one. Like others have said - it has an off switch.

When we go to a motel I think it is so fun to lay in bed and watch TV.
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Raven, you are not so strange - we only have one tv in the house too (but 2 computers)
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A big yes, there is a nice TV in the bedroom and I fall to sleep to it every night on a sleep timer. Well, not every night but many nights. I set it to either a movie or another show I like that is on DVD (no commericals, can't stand commericals when sleeping). TV isn't evil. It has an off button. And to be honest, I rarely watch TV anyway now or when I was growing up, it is mostly just background noise and the music channels. The TV is left on with the screen off for the animals in our absence.
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My parents had/still have a tv (with cable) in their bedroom and I used it way more than they did, (when someone else was watching something in the living room, I'd go in their room) and they never used it after one of them went to bed.
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