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dry vs. wet questions

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What is the role of dry foods in health problems (specifically urinary tract) in cats? Is it something other than water content?

I'm currently switching my cats from Purina cat chow (yes, I am ashamed) to Evo dry. My cats drink plenty of water, so is dry vs. wet even an issue for me?

I guess I'm asking, if I were to take a good dry food and its canned counter part, and remove the moisture from the canned, would there be any significant difference?
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SOME ie VERY FEW dry foods have been thru EXTENSIVE testing and PROVEN to help with UTI health ....

Most dry foods ARE NOT formulated for UTI health and a combo of lack of moisture and some meats , veggies and grains can let issues arise EASIER than wet food...

wet food is by and large lower in grain and carbs ( ie ave carb in premium wet 10% or less ave dry is 20-30% carb)...

IMHO since UTI is the only time my vet DOES NOT recommend EVO dry I would avoid it ...

canned would have a higher protein and fat level than dry even minus the moisture

DRY food on ave is 10% moisture

Wet food is on ave 75-82% moisture

so if the cat eats half a cup of dry they need to drink about 6 oz of water to = that of the same amount of canned... MOST cats drink about 4 ... see a possible deficite??
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