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Soft fur and matting

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Tiki, my Himmie, has the softest fur and it mats up so bad. I had her groomed by a professional a couple of months ago and have been trying to keep the mats under control. She is so moody though. One day she loves being brushed and combed, but then the next she fights me tooth & nail! The only places she really gets knotted up at are under her chin, her chest and behind each leg. If I don't comb her at least every other day, she gets great big mats and it's a royal pain to get them out( and a big pain on her too!).
So..my question, is there anything I can put on her fur to help prevent the matting? I really don't want to get her shaved...she's so beautiful with her long fur.
Any ideas? I've searched the previous threads on this and haven't found much help. Any Persian/Himmie owners? Any suggestions?
Thank you!
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Shell you will probably get better assistance in the Breeder's Forum. I would be interested in the replies as well, I have one of these mat magnets here at the house myself.
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Thanks MA!
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but, what about a trim? This way the hair is shorter, but not shaved and it won't mat as much. She should be groomed (bathed) every month and brushed every other day. Some cats need more and some need less depending on the density of the fur. The fur around her bottom should be kept short to avoid "stinky cat" syndrom.
I have 6 Persians right now and three litters on the way. I will be bathing my self to peices when the kittens reach 8 weeks and the baths begin!
Hope this helps!
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Thanks Teresa! I've never gave her a bath before...so this could be pretty interesting! I think I might make another grooming appt and specifically tell them what I want done. The last time I told them to cut the hair on her bum because it gets knotted up and she gets dingleberries hanging from her bum. But...they trimmed it maybe 1/2 inch...so I just cut it myself. It doesn't look nearly as nice, but it worked!
I think that once I get her completely trimmed and knot free, I could bath her. I'm afraid that if I do it now, she'll just be a big ball of matted fur!

Thank you so much for the suggestions!
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Hi Shell!

i learned quite abit about grooming and cat care from talking to cat show participants.

One lady, Doris, who has several show cats, shared this tip with me:

She said to buy Bio-Groom's Anti-Stat Hair control. This is alcohol free and it helps control "fly-away" hair. More importantly, it has special hair conditioners, is natural, and makes brushing and combing tasks much, much easier.

i use this on both my kitties now. Venus has medium hair, and it really works.

Also, i would recommend a greyhound comb for long hair kitties. This is a metallic comb, and resembles a man's comb. i can take a pix of the comb tomorrow, and email to you, if you like.

This comb works great for long hair, and helps to prevent entangling and matting.

i hope my sharing helps a little?

Take care and cheers!
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Thanks Shirley! Please email me the picture so I know what I need to get! Thanks a bunch! oh...where you get the conditioner stuff? Would my local vet have it or do I need to order it online?
Thanks again!
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i guess i don't want to wait till tomorrow to take the pix for you.

Here is a pix of the comb. Also, i use the slicker brushes for their undercoats... great stuff, i tell you!

i gave the company a call, as i see an 800 number at the back of the bottle. Apparently, they are opened only from Monday to Friday, Texas' time (i hear a prompted voice message of a lady with a thick Southern accent.)

Here is the 800 no. : 800-762-0232. It is called BIO-GROOM Anti-Stat HAIR CONTROL (See pix below.)

If you can't find it any where else, let me know. i got this from a cat show. My next cat show is on April 26th. i will figure something else out for you.

Smiles and Cheers, Michelle!
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Thanks! You've been a big help!
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