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R.I.P. Sweet little one.

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I got a call this morning from a foster home. She had a mother & a new born kitten (just born on Monday). She woke up this morning to find that one of her other cats had killed the kitten (there is the off chance it was the mother). She has foster many times before and never had a problem. She had a cage but chose not to use it. She is feeling terrible and beating her self up. I tried to console her and explain that there was no way to know what would happen. I truly believe there was no way for her to know this was going to happen. When I think about all the fosters she has had with no problems it's hard to believe this happened. The baby did not yet have a name.

R.I.P little one. Fly swiftly over the bridge and wait, your foster mom will meet you there someday.
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Oh how sad.
Rest In Peace sweet baby
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Poor Kitten
Is she Sure the Mom didnt kill it.
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Rest in Peace little one.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Poor Kitten
Is she Sure the Mom didnt kill it.
No she is not sure. She was sleeping when it happened and she is a very heavy sleeper. She did mention that possibility.
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RIP little baby angel

I'm guessing there was something wrong with the baby physically and the mum killed it as they would reject unhealthy kittens. Its sad that the kitten died so young, but if it really was sick, then it was spared an adulthood of pain and medication.

Your friend is in my thoughts. She definitely wasn't at fault. This isn't something we would expect happen, and kittens should be left with their mommy at least till they are weaned. There was nothing your friend could do to prevent this from happening...
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i would agree with babywukong, it could well be that there was something not right.

either way it was a terrible shock for the foster mum.

RIP little soul.
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RIP Little Smooshkin, Im sorry you had to cross so soon, but happy you are there... theres not a more wonderfull place to be!

(Im sorry, but I had to call the kitten something....)
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Your friend had no way of knowing that would happen. She will never know what truly happened. Usually this is a sign of a deformed or sick kitten so like BW said, it was spared a life of suffering.
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Thanks everyone. I too think it was the Mom, but she refuses to believe that. At any rate she is doing a little better this week. We have another pregnant female she may foster. Hopefully things go better this time. I know she will keep mom & babies in a cage seperate. I have no doubts about her ability to foster, as I said she's done this many time before. I think something went wrong and there was no way to prevent this.
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Poor angel She'll be well looked after at the bridge now

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