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Texture of Wellness wet food

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This is a question for people who have used Wellness wet food. What kind of texture does it have? Pate? Cubes of compressed food? Bits of real meat? Any gravy or sauce?

Goldy, the stray I took in, will eat anything. My other two girls are pickier---err, more discriminating They will lick at pate and then walk away. They prefer wet food with gravy but want some chunks they can pick up with their teeth. Since they like gravy, I tried adding water to the pate and mushing it up thinking they might like the soupy quality. Not. They ate a little bit of it and left the rest for Goldy to finish off.

I want to change over to a mostly wet grain-free diet for my girls, but don't want to spend a lot of money buying one can of each flavor if they won't even try it. They do have a decided preference for beef flavors over chicken and mostly ignore fish, so I wouldn't actually get every single flavor.

I've checked out several of the grain-free brands and am trying Wellness first because I just discovered that a store within walking distance carries it.
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The canned Wellness that I've used is paté style, no chunks, not alot of gravy...maybe some liquid.

Possibly you could 'chunk' it up for them by making lumps of the food in their food bowl.....would they notice.....

It's so nice to have cats that will eat anything...mine are like that...although the first time I gave them canned food that was sort of string-y...they put some in their mouth and backed away from the bowl..sort of shocked by what was happening. It was cute....but they ate it anyway.
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Originally Posted by maxiecat03 View Post
Possibly you could 'chunk' it up for them by making lumps of the food in their food bowl.....would they notice.....
Nope. Can't put anything over on these girls. The first bite and the stuff falls apart, they've got it figured out.
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wellness pouches are cuts and gravy if that is what you are needing >>.??
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Your girls sound like my boys. Forest will eat, literally, ANYTHING (then he'll throw it up if it disagrees with his tummy). Tailer is really, really picky, though. He won't eat anything but chunks and gravy. He won't even lick the pate. And he gets bored with the same thing all the time, so I have to rotate his food.

The Wellness canned food is too mushy for Tailer, but the pouches definitely pass the picky test. The only downside is that all but one of the flavors have fish. Since my boys are both prone to urine crystals I have to limit their fish intake to special occasions. But the Wellness turkey and duck flavor is in the rotation.
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My Radar is exactly the same, if it's pate or soupy at all he's just not interested, he wants proper meat or at least solid lumps, preferably in gravy, preferably beef flavour! Maybe they were separated at birth

It's a bit of a pain because many premium wet foods are pate style, and I order online (mostly imported brands from other parts of Europe that aren't available in stores here) so there's no way of checking beforehand when trying something new. I currently have a crate of tins of a very good natural organic premium food which he doesn't like! Fortunately, like your others, my other 2 will eat anything.

I wish I could help out with some suggestions, but most of the brands I use won't be available in the US
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The Wellness Chicken & Beef flavor is the pate but does have some brown sauce/gravy around it. I think that's why it's my cat's favorite flavor.

I just squish it up with a spoon and she loves it.
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Hennessy doesn't like the pate either. I cut it up fairly chunky and so he sits there and licks them before he begrudgingly will take a few bites.
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Wellness beef and chicken, our Osmo's favorite, is definitely pate. Nice and solid, with very little mush.
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