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Is there any reason not to do a sanitary shave?

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My Isaac keeps himself clean and his long hair is not a health problem. However, when the hair on his rump gets long he tends to leave "gifts" around the house after coming out of the litter box. I've also notice that his hinder gets a little wet when he pees. The vet techs always look at me crazy when I ask for a sanitary shave because his hinder is always clean. Then I have to explain about the "Gifts" he leave. Then the do it, but is there a reason they question me about doing this to him?
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I am curious about this as well, since I have the same problem with Riley in the winter when his fur gets so long.
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I had this problem with Bugsy. I brought him to the groomer and got him a Lion cut… Oh my gosh is he ever cute now LOL. He has this tiny little bald bum now which of course mommy is always patting now that its so nice and clean LOL, he hates that.

I’ve never been looked at like I was crazy, first time I mentioned this to my vet she grabbed a pair of grooming scissors and snipped his butt hair. I think this is a normal problem.
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I know how you feel. I have a ragdoll who often leaves gifts around the house, sounds a perfectly reasonable request to me although I have not yet requested the vet do it, so dont know what the response would be
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My Sassy is long-haired and I always get her a sanitary shave as needed. But, I have never had the response that you got.
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They always ask "where are his mats or where is he dirty? I don't see anything." That's when I explain why I want the shave.
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I would have thought it to be a common request of long hair owners.

When I had long hairs I used to trim their britches with scissors down to about 1cm.
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Hmm..yes we do monthly butt trimming with scissors in our house. Jack doesn't seem to mind--Hubby holds up Jack's tail and Meowmy cuts. We made the mistake of missing a couple months because Hubby was slacking and wouldn't help--this led to a very stinky butt trimming....

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I always keep Griffin's butt trimmed for the same reason. I'm surprised anyone would question you about it!
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There is no reason not to get a sanitary shave or trim and I recommend it all the time. Especially for long haired cats. My vet does it automatically for long haired cats. In fact, I have to have a note attached to Maxx's chart now saying "don't trim my butt if my mom isn't around." But only because I started showing him and don't want them to go overboard. Maybe they looked at you strange because they never heard it called that before?
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Butt trimming is part of the regular grooming routine in my house (Stan only). Helps keep the "dingleberry" factor down

I don't think there's a downside to it if you're careful and don't cut too close to the skin...maybe a cold butt in the winter
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