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The Pope himself may have said that, but like Cindy said when they asked for a zero tolerance policy the Vatican rejected it straight out. I'm glad that individual regions are taking it upon themselves to make it unacceptable and prosecute those who do this. The Vatican won't make such a policy.
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The worst offender, in the Tucson dioscese, has been on paid administrative leave, for some time. He was last known to have been living in Maryland. Reporters tracked him down and report a steady stream of young men, going in and out of his condo. Since the newspaper report, he has disappeared and noone seems to know where he is. The dioscese has now petitioned the Vatican to begin proceedings to defrock him.

He hasn't been prosecuted, because of the statute of limitations but - he's out there and still a threat to children.
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I found the loophole. The Pope has come out for zero tolerance. However, he has also stated that conversion is always a possibility. This is from the Irish Examiner of the twenty-fourth of April, 2002:

Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles said the Pope ''made it very clear that there is no place in the priesthood for anyone who abuses minors.''

''It's the strongest language I've seen about what we call at home zero-tolerance.''

But Cardinal Francis George of Chicago said the issue wasn't entirely clear because the Pope spoke of the possibility of ''Christian conversion, that radical decision to turn away from sin and back to God.''
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Thanks for the clarification Jeanie.
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