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Sphynx high metabolism conflicts with feeding wet or raw?

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I'm told that sphynx should always have food out at all times for them because of their high metabolism(sp?). But, if I got one I would want to be feeding it wet food(and eventually raw once I do MUCH more research) and would not ever leave either of these food types out for long. So, my question is, how would I go about feeding either of these types of diets? Would I just feed more in one big meal? Would I feed multipule times a day? Or would I have a 'main meal' and then just leave out a bit of dry just incase?

Thanks You!


((EDIT: Ok, I have one more question! Would EVO be suitable for a kitten?))
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I don't know much about this but we have some people here that have done major research on foods.

What i would do though is feed them whatever diet you want them out and leave the dry food out to nibble on. I think that would be the simplest solution.
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I know a couple of Spynx breeders that raw feed, they put out 3 meals a day.
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Wet food can be left out all day provided your house isn't 90 egrees. Even when it hardens it is ok to eat and ading water and stirring it will make it look good as new.
There are also timed feeders you can buy that can keep things cool an open and close as you set them
Best of luck
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I wouldn't advise leaving wet food out, bacteria will start to breed in it once it is opened or above the temperature of your fridge (the reason fridges are supposed to stay below 4 Celcius), and flies find it ideal for laying eggs.

I would give an extra meal of wet/raw, or leave some dry down for snacking in between meals.
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My Sphynx Breeder feeds raw and Royal Canin. I will ask her some feeding questions if you want. She should send me Pics of my kitten any day.
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Originally Posted by optionken View Post
Wet food can be left out all day...
Originally Posted by Epona View Post
I wouldn't advise leaving wet food out...
Dr. Lisa Pierson, a Veterinarian and highly regarded expert in feline nutrition, regularly leaves her cats' wet food out for extended periods and believes (and has experienced) that this is not at all a problem. You can read her comments on her website... it's in the 3rd paragraph from the begins "An added note about leaving canned food out."
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Originally Posted by BLAISE View Post
and believes (and has experienced) that this is not at all a problem.
Sorry, but one person's belief and experience is not enough scientific evidence for me to risk it, especially over a few pence worth of thrown away food! I have seen flies laying eggs in cat food, so my own experience says that I do not want them eating that!
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Most cats have 2 meals a day. Since the Sphynx would burn up more calories, I'd feed them an extra smaller meal (maybe 1/2 of a normal meal) as a tied over.

Free feeding causes more cats to gain weight and be overweight. Ask the breeder how often they feed their adult cats and how much at a time.
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Thanks everyone for your help! =) I'll take your advice and much more when the time comes! I'm just researching at the moment, I like to be prepared!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Most cats have 2 meals a day...
Actually, the research indicates that small cats (as opposed to large cats, i.e. lions/tigers) not only do, but must eat several small meals over a 24 hour period. I say "must" because of how their systems are designed. Science has found that, when catS eat, their urine, which tends to be acidic, becomes more alkaline...this has been called the "post-prandial alkaline tide", and this natural occurrence helps to balance out the urine ph. If a cat is eating less frequently, the urine will acidify excessively...therein lies a lesson for those of us who only feed twice daily. We may very well be risking the development of struvite crystals. Free-feeding (of feline-appropriate foods) or frequent small meal feeding is more in line with a small cat's natural disposition and ensures our cats' "urinary health".

...Free feeding causes more cats to gain weight and be overweight...
If we're free-feeding feeding species-inappropriate food e.g. carbohydrate content of more than 3-4%, that's to be expected.
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As an owner of this breed I feed my Sphynx twice a day (high quality dry kibble that has been soaked as well as canned high quality food) plus treats twice a day (not the crappy treats, but small parts of whole chicken or other whole meats from the meat market that is without hormones, etc.). Other owners that I know and my breeder also schedule feed. Many Sphynx are not able to be free fed into adulthood, but some are of course, it depends. This breed will eat and eat and eat as not only are they active, they also have burn more energy just keeping at a normal body temp but having food constantly available to them isn't healthy for many Sphynx, they can't control their eating. As kittens you can usually free feed them no problems. Just keep an eye on their weight when they go around the 9 month and older mark. I say feed two meals a day of wet food and add a bit of raw slowly as a snack until you feel more comfortable. If not, add a bit of Innova kibble as a snack.

To get technical as some seem to be getting, free feeding is not natural to a cat. Food 100% always out and available is not natural. lol. Even more so the food most people feed their cats isn't always natural despite the best intentions. Oh and the Sphynx breed is far from natural too
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I would do at least 3 meals a day ...

as one with a science background I avoid leaving canned out more than one hour ... YMMV
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