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I had a "penciled in" date set for Aug 20th, but it's now been officially set to Aug. 24th.
I am moving back to WI. Born and raised here in Chicagoland, but was transplanted to WI with my ex. Lived there for almost 6 years when the relationship blew up in my face. (we were togethor 12 years) I moved back here with the excuse to start over again, only half true, mostly I was running away from some very bad memories, not of the state, of him. Found out no matter where you go, your problems follow you, you have to work through them like it or not. Well Im over all that mess, 3 years back here, and things do not go well. I moved for the wrong reasons and it caught up to me, badly. Bad choices, lots of things. So, back to Wisconsin I go. I do miss it there, it's so pretty, many reasons to go back, not too many to stay here. I love this city, but it's really not my style anymore. Many problems to hurdle moving back there, but hopefully I can deal with them. OH, Im not going back to the ex, dear God no, going to stay with my folks till I can get things worked out.
I get to bring my cat, but her sister is staying here. She is not my cat, she is my room mates, though I love her like mine. It's breaking my heart, this is not a good environment for humans here in this appt, let alone cats. I take care of them, play with them, love on them, all that, he mostly gets drunk. He also has a disabled mother he doesn't take proper care of. I may report him to the dept of aging, it wouldn't be the first time someone has, but after I leave. Could make things dangerous for me here. He is not stable. He does not hurt his mom or the cats, (or me) not intentionaly anyway. (He is like someone put a small child in a big adult body. If I could describe him it would be as if Forrest Gump and Billy Bob in Slingblade had a child.) I am so worried about the both of them after I go. I am starting to loose sleep over this.
Guess I just needed to vent a little bit. I would be excited over the move if it were not for these issues.