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Purebred Spay ?

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So Holly is a purebred Ocicat, but I am going to get her spayed on the 22nd. I'm not a breeder (yet , someday) and so it will be better for us all. She will be 5 months old then and the breeder asked that I wait til at least 4 months old to spay, then I get her papers.

The longer I have her, the more her spots and wonderful personality come through... and I think we might go to a show! What happens when a spayed purebred cat shows? Is there a different section she would show in, or would she be in the HHP (house hold pet) section? I'm not really sure if it will happen, but we are harness and leash training right now...
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Firstly, you need to ask the breeder if you may show her. Neuters can be shown and compete against other neuters, the entires are in another class.

I currently show Ana & Farley. I showed Demetri as a kitten (and he did very well ) but he's since decided he doesn't like it.
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Depends on which registry your cat is registered with but then it really doesn't matter. With CFA if you show her anytime between 4-8 months, she will still be considered a kitten and at 8 months, if neutered or spayed she can enter shows as an adult cat in the Premiership category.

Not sure about TICA, I'm sure Nial will be around to answer!
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Contact the breeder first. Maybe they will re-evaluate your kitten to see if she should be shown in the purebred altered classes rather then the household pet classes. Some breeders may not want their pet cats shown at all.

While you do find "purebred" cats in the household pet classes its usually because they do not meet the written standard. If they are too purebred looking, many judges will pass them up in favor of the mixed breeds.

IMO your kitten (at least the body) is pretty good with very nice spotting. Can't see her head to really evaluate, but she may be worthy of being in the alter classes.
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When I get her spayed and send off the paperwork to the breeder, I will include the question about showing her. I just thought it might be fun to show her off, and get a taste of show life in case we go down that route later.

My siggy will be updated soon, hopefully, because she is looking even cuter these days Her head and legs are getting darker, the rest of her is slowly catching up...

Thanks for the advice, and I'll take more if you've got it!
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Well if you can post some pictures of her, I can kinda evaluate her.

side body (both sides), several head shots (for muzzle/ears) would be good
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