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Eden's Babies Pictures

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If I am even remotely close on sexing them, then there are 3 girls, 1 boy. Then again, I swear they keep changing sexes on me!

1 siamese looking F
1 siamese looking M
1 tabby of some color F
1 black F

Are what I *think* they are. Ummm.....possibly (pardon the lack of color terms) grey pointed siamese looking on the two "white" ones. Boy was I bummed that they weren't gonna be solid white!

That's the box they go into while I change blankets & Eden takes some time for herself to go do whatever it is she wants to do.

You can see the one kitten has tabby stripes showing, while the one I suspect will be black has the white tips to the fur. I'm curious to see what that one looks like grown up, I would assume solid black?

Either way, their eyes are starting to open (they weren't last night). They are FAT. Eden's being a good mommy. When I'm in the room she gets distracted, though.
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Awwww! Can't wait to see them grow!
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They are lovely, and it will be intersting to see what they grow into - glad she had them safely and everyone is doing well.
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Yay, pictures!!!! They are soooo cute! Amazing what a great job Eden's doing taking care of them, considering her condition just a few weeks ago. How is she doing with her balance lately?
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Precious! Love the grey/black ones... How's momma doing healthwise?
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They are so cute and fluffy. Very adorable kittens. I am glad they are doing good and thriving.
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Sooooooooo cute!!
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Very cute bubbas. Hope to get daily updates/.
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OH My they are soooooo cute! interesting to see what the blackish one and tabbyish one turn out to be with color....
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Aww, what cute little fuzzy babies
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What cute little fuzzies.
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Eden's balance is OK. Got a new "slicker" comforter which has caused her some issues, but she's compensating.
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I'm glad to hear that Eden has improved so much.

Big sister Blue wonders if she'll have a couple look-alike little siblings!

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Aww they're so cute!

I'm no good with kittens and colors so I'm really interested in seeing what they look like when they grow up.
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I do wonder if the "mini meezers" will look like Blue grown up.
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AAw they are so precious!

Its hard to believe that my baby is 7 weeks already! :0
I remember when he was that little...seems like just yesterday lol
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