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constipation from antibiotics

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In June DH had some kind of bug and the doc gave him antibiotics. Ever since then he's been struggling with constipation. I know sometimes antibiotics can cause diarrhea but I wonder if they cause constipation in some people. DH said he might go see the doc about it.
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Antibiotics give me the runs, but they really stop my husband up. Maybe it's a male thing? I would recommend getting some stool softeners. NOT laxatives. All laxatives will do is give him cramps and make him miserable. LOTS of water to get him hydrated. I think honestly that is what causes it in my husband because he doesn't drink enough water, mainly soda and coffee and that dehydrates you anyway.

Calling the doctor or even a pharmacist is a good idea and see what they recommend. Every person's body is different and handles things differently.

Hope he feels better soon!
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I've heard that Miralax is good, and it's over the counter now. Antibiotics and tummy issues- bah! Hope he's feeling better all over soon .
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Well, that's a new one - I can't say they've ever had that effect on me.

Does he like yogurt? You could try getting him to eat some or take a probiotic along with something like Miralax to help restore his digestive tract. Unfortunately most antibiotics do their job a little too well - stripping the good bacteria along with the bad.
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He doesn't need to go see a doctor for constipation. All the doctor will tell him to do is to increase his fluid and fibre intake or take a laxative.

Have him try natural measures first like warm prune juice, or prunes.

Increase he raw fruits and veggie intake, eat whole grains, brown rice.

He can also try one of the following laxatives:

Milk of Magnesia (works really well when mixed with warm prune juice)
Metamucil (the smooth kind dissolves completely in water)
Docusate stool softeners
Castor Oil
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He has been taking a laxative. The constipation keeps coming back though. He's tried eating yogurt too.
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