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New work assignment- rant!!

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I'm a freelance writer/editor and things have been slow - lousy economy here in Michigan - no one wants to use the R word or the D word, but they would apply here, I think.

Anyway, took FT, temp assignment with a company nearby... not great, but it's steady. Been there a month -- Geez --- sometimes I wonder why they bothered to hire me when my bosses argue with me about things like - grammar, and factual accuracy.

We were working on a Web piece to tout some of our great doctors ( it's a bunch of medical clinics, etc.) and some of them have terrific credentials. The schools mentioned in the work were described as "Ivy League" schools. Umm... no... some of our doctors attended Ivy League schools, but the schools you have listed there are NOT Ivy League schools... and I started to list the IL schools... well, the senior VP didn't want to hear me and argued me down. So did his second-in-command. He INSISTED on leaving it like it was. OK... have it your way. If they want to look stupid to an educated audience by publishing it this way - OK by me.

Sigh.... I"m sure you guys have had bosses who were soooo arrogant and convinced that they were right, even in the face of indisputable fact... no point in arguing with someone like that. The only that can happen is that they tune you out, which this guy does... or they figure you're a PITA and you gotta go.

I also had to explain to my immediate supervisor about the capitalization of proper and formal names ( not people's names, but schools, etc.) He gave me this glazed-eye look and didn't really understand the distinctions I was making... I had to go through about three examples before he got it and then he told me not to "fuss" too much with the pre-press galleys ( ready to be printed) that he gave me. Mmmmmm....ok......

All that said, it's not a bad place to work.. people are nice, not too far from home....I have been in much, much, much worse sitches.

But again, why hire someone with 25+ years experience in this field and then refuse to listen to what he/she is telling you?

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We had a boss who would hire high priced consultants ($200+ per hour) and then totally disregard everything they said. I guess some people don't understand how leverage the knowledge of others.
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