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Aww he's trying to hold my hand!!!

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I swear i'm the luckiest person ever to have such sweet animals. Fosters our dog is definitely my little buddy- every day he just gets sweeter and sweeter.

I was sitting here on the couch not feeling good and he was up here snuggled up beside me and he reached his paw over and put it in my hand. When he does that he actually moves his little toes so that he's squeezing my hand and holding it- it's the sweetest thing ever I swear i have the worlds best dog ever!!!! He is soo sweet! He is always "holding our hands" too- it's really cute!!!

Does anyone else have a furbaby that does that? None of my other animals do that.
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Sassy does something similiar, when I am working at the computer he sits on the desk beside me and rests his head on my mouse hand..He will sit like that for an hour when I am playing video games..I surprised but my hand moving around doesn't seem to bother him in the least..
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I have experienced that... where cats "capture" my hand or finger with their paws and hold it - not a prey game... just wanting contact.
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Clydie will rest a paw in my hand when we're snuggled together, too -- it's just the sweetest thing! And Sassy will reach out and grab your hand and pull you in close to get you to pet her.

And Dylan, bless his heart... when he feels Mom hasn't paid him enough attention in awhile, he'll stand up on his back legs, wrap both his front paws around her arm, and just hold on and rub his cheek against her hand.
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Noodles likes to sit on the back of the couch and push one foot into my head... That's the closest I've gotten with these two! Except when Mooch is trying to get me to pet her by rubbing her head on my hands of course.
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Chynna loves to "hold hands." She puts her front leg in the palm of my hand and curls her toes around my thumb. Of course she gets some paw massages at the same time. She absolutely loves to have her paws/toes massaged.

Abby doesn't much care for holding hands, but she likes to place her front leg over my hand or arm or leg, sort of like a hug. But if I try to hold it she will pull it away unless she is in a really deep sleep.
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yup, we hold hands during our snuggle time. I love them to bits, they are more human like than any cat ive ever had, but i presume its because Kaylee was bottle fed as a baby.
I will have to post a pic where she is giving me headbutts as kisses.
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Mitzi sometimes squeezes my hand with her fingers, too.

And other times she high-5's me when we wrestle
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My RB cat Laughing Boy loved to hold hands. He'd hold hands with me, my sister, Mom, Dad, anyone!
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