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Anyone else throwing up?

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I threw up so much last night and still feel sick.
There is a swollen gland under my tongue also and I have a watery sore throat.
Today the guy that was going to install a phone jack just said he can not come because he is throwing up.
My Sisters friend has it also and my sister did last week.
There must be something going around.
My Asthma is acting up also and I have a fever blister.
This is not the throwing up with the bad pain taht I get sometimes.
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I'm very nauseous - but I know the cause of that.

Has anyone with this went to the doctor? It would help to know what is going around, and that's the only way to find out. Other then that, make sure to stay hydrated and eat/drink things that have a lot of potassium as vomiting and diarrhea tend to deplete it.

I hope you get to feeling better.
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Not vomiting here thankfully, but i've felt horrible all week. I made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow.
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Oh that's no good!!! I hope it's not going around my area, it's the last thing I need right now...
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No, thank God! I hate feeling nauseated and throwing up!!

I tend to avoid people like the plague when I can, and I'm almost OCD when it comes to washing my hands. And I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse. I also make it a point to never touch my face with my hands when I'm away from home.
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I'm not throwing up or anything but I do feel very tired and achy..I have had several people off work this past week due to sore throat, swollen glands and ear problems so I am hoping I didn't pick anything up from them..
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I hope I am fine next week for the meet up. I sure do not want anyone to get sick from me. I am going to the store when the wash is done to get Ginger Ale.
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Well whatever it is, you all sent it to Minnesota!

Our son's wedding was this past Saturday. I was fine on Saturday all day, but in the evening my throat started getting sore and scratchy. I kept drinking a lot of cold water. Sunday morning I woke up to a horrible headache, sore throat, all stuffed up and just wanted to die. I barely could get dressed to go home (we stayed in a hotel on Fri/Sat). DH got me some tea from the breakfast bar in the hotel, and I could not even eat a piece of bread.

All I wanted to do was to get home and go to bed. Threw up twice going home as I had nothing but water on my stomach. Was in bed rest of Sunday and most of Monday - going from hot to cold.

I think its a flu going around. I got back to work today. Feel like I'll survive now.

DH's cure for this and it really works is to sweat it out. Take vitamins, NyQuil and pile on about 2 blankets and stay there till you are all sweaty and yucky. I didn't believe it would knock it out of your system in 2 days, but it does
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I had something last week - terrible stomach ache, nausea, lightheadedness, very, very tired. Kept me from work for a day last week.
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By chance, have you all been to a public pool or waterpark lately? Around here, they're having terrible trouble with cryptosporidium in such places... apparently the heat makes it harder to control.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
By chance, have you all been to a public pool or waterpark lately? Around here, they're having terrible trouble with cryptosporidium in such places... apparently the heat makes it harder to control.
Nope, i've pretty much just stayed at home the past two weeks putting our house together. I've only really left the house to run errands and to hang out with dh on our birthday. When i do go out, i use hand sanitizer and wash my hands often.

I think i'm feeling lousy from a combination of my insulin resistance and an infection though- i'm not sure, so that's why i'm going to the doctor in the morning! I've not been vomiting- just feeling generally crummy and sick to my stomach It's also been in the very high 90's-100's here just about every day for the past few weeks- so i think the heat doesn't help.

I hope everyone else gets to feeling better soon
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I have not had time to go anywhere. We have been busy with the house.
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My kids were in Massachusetts last week (well were there for 6 weeks total) and got a vomiting bug while there, lasted about a day and a half
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No, and I don't want to be! I'm terribly afraid of puking, as weird as that sounds. I hope everyone that's sick will feel better soon.
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Its not just there,
last week i started to get sick, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, vomiting and the works. Saturday i nearly collapsed in the supermarket, I felt really hot and Fh had to slap cold meat on my head and took me home, slept for most of the day and sunday felt like i just had the fever, cant stop coughing now. Nose is still stuffy, and extremely tired.
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Now I lost my voice. I think I will buy Orange Juice today. I got throat drops last night. I hope the rest of you feel better.
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Thankfully no vomiting, but my husband and I both are very achey, headaches, tired, and have sore throats and stuffy noses. Being sick is no fun.

I'm sorry to hear so many other TCS'ers are sick, too.

Get well soon everybody!
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Both of us were in the hot tub at the hotel for about 15 mins - it was not working right. But hubby is ok. I have to make sure he doesn't kiss me on the mouth, cause I don't want him to be sick too
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I hope my husband dosent get sick. He has the Dr for his Leukemia on Weds.
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I hope everyone is feeling better soon!
I feel fine. My dog was throwing up last night though...
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Sasha my Cat threw up today. I wonder if Coco brought germs back from the Vet?
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I was feeling fine this morning until about 8:40 and I had to start work at 8:45. I barely made it up the stairs and had to call my manager to come and open the store. I was soooo dizzy, I thought I was going to throw up (but thankfully I didn't) and I was really hot and shaking. I ended up coming home and sleeping for a bit. It is now 4:30pm and I am still dizzy.
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I am worse now. My nose is running non stop and I have no energy. I still have a terrible sore throat also and am coughing green and yellow up.
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