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Cat pooping AND peeing on furniture - help with the smell!

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"Freaker" is 9 years old this week. He is a neutered male. About 5 years ago he started going through spells where he would poop on our furniture for no apparent reason. Sometimes he would pee on it too! We had to get rid of one couch because there was no way to clean it sufficiently and make the smell go away.

Now recently he's going through these spells about every 2 months. It's making me insane and my husband is ready to ban him to the outdoors permanently. His twin brother, Jonas, gives us NO problems at all.

After reading the "inappropriate peeing" thread, here are my questions:
1) Can I use vodka on my furniture to get the smell out?
2) Which purchasable product really works to get the smell completely out?
3) I know only a vet can tell, but does it sound like he has IBS? Or is he just being a punk?

I'm truly at my wits' end! I love this guy, I've had him from the time he was 6 weeks old, but enough is enough already.
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It wouldn't hurt to take him to the Vet, to rule out medical problemsn. I have a cat that is constantly marking my curtains and furniture because of the cats outside, he is a strictly indoor cat and gets upset when he sees them out there. I use Urine Gone, I found IMO, the best, he peed on a white stuffed animal of mine, when I sprayed it with the Urine Gone all the yellow was gone. It also takes the odor out. I also use White Vinegar that also is very good. I've been using Feliway difusers, I think its helping. Time will tell.
I don't have much experience with poop. Somebody else may be along to help in that department.

Good luck.
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I've been having problems "potty-training" Cassidy, one of my kittens. After she makes a mess, I thoroughly clean the spot with Pine Sol & bleach: The Pine Sol helps with the odor, and the bleach kills the germs. I just bought something today to spray on the spot after I clean it up: it's called Out Multi-Cat urine odor & destroyer. I don't know how well it works yet b/c I just started using it, but it is vet recommended..

I feel for ya! I know how frustrating it is to have a cat that makes messes! I would try the Pine Sol/bleach combination: I haven't noticed any after effects or odors by using it.

Good luck!

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There's a product called Zero Odor that you can get on the net or at some Bed Bath & Beyonds. It's really great for odor-removal.

Re staining, I've had good luck with Nature's Miracle (yes, the prior owner installed white carpets!)
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I rescued a feral that sprayed everywhere. I used www.urineoff.com for cats and it worked ok. Switched to www.weecleaner.com/ and it worked better. Made for urine but it was very effective on vomit and poo.

Have not used this but several have recommended-- www.AntiIckyPoo.com

I found a product at Sam's Wholesale and Walmart that I use to help with general odors, not a cleaner. www.odoban.com Hope things get better.
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If nothing physical is wrong with him, I am guessing in his environment something triggers this.

Perhaps put a litter pan behind your couch, so he has an 'alternative' to going ON the couch. I recently raised a litter of kitties, and I had 'oops' boxes in my bathroom and my living room for quite a while!!! These kept accidents from occuring, because they had an 'alternative' to simply going on the floor. Now, they use the 'big kitty boxes' with no problems, which is pretty darn good for 3 month old kitties.

For any accidents that have happened, I use regular Lysol (the orange citrus one), and then Nature's Miracle once that is all dry. It works really well.
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