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Smilie update

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Ok gang, I went through the thread with suggestions for which smilies we could replace. I have 46 on the chopping block. I am in the process of getting us some new ones.

What types of smilies would you use most?

And, regarding our current smilies....I did a bit of updating in some of the coding in our current smilies. We had a few that didn't work. I changed some of the codes, mostly because I am anal retentive. So, if you are a person who inserts a smilie by remembering a code and suddenly it doesn't work, just check the place where you click to insert smilies. The current codes are in there.
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Could we have one for "kiss my butt?" Just kidding!!!!! I'm in a good mood tonight and in the mood to tease!!! (oh, and by the way, the kiss my butt thing was not directed at you, Deb... )

How about a mooning smilie???

Oh okay...I'll behave....

Some of the ones some of you may notice are different that you have used in the past are...

is :lol : Not :LOL:

:laughing: is :lol3 :

:tounge2: is :tongue2 : (correct spelling of word thanks to Deb..

Thanks for updating the list for us Deb!!!!
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Hey Debby...
How about this one? This one always cracks me up...pun intended!

and my all time favorite one that I found is this one...
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OMG!!!!! Shell!!!!! I love those!!!! Hey Deb...can we add the first one???? Oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Now if that second one was a smilie of a cat farting and the little guy passing out, I'd say you'd been peeking in my window!!!! (aren't cat farts just the worst! )
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Go to this site and check out some of these smilies! Some are really obscene, but some are Funny with a capital "F"!
click here
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This gentleman just updated his website, he has a ton of good ones along with others that are a bit racy or odd

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Some of those are quite racy...but some are just so funny! I don't know why people would use some of them...but they really had me chuckling!
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Just went and checked out both of those links....thanks Shell & Hissy!!!! I added both of them to my favorites so I can find them easily!!! Too cool!!!!!!!!!
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We need a HUGS smilie! I've seen a couple people using one, it's got about 5-6 little guys all hugging, and they're rainbow colored, but I don't know where to get that smilie from . . . I don't see it on the list.
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I love the site that Hissy just posted. Some of the smilies are unsuitable for TCS, but maybe some of the good ones could be added.

Here's an example of one of the newer smilies.

...and one more example.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed.......lol

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It is LDG who has that adorable *hugs* smilie....just left click on it and save it then you can use it anytime! (can't remember who asked, but someone did)
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I knew something was up... I used to type out the smiley code for the few I use. Can't wait to see the new ones!
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Here's some I like:

(Gotta love the Fish-Smak!)

(We need this one for IMO!)

And here's Laurie's hug:

I just think we need to see more of this cowboy!
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Uh Huh!!!!! Cowboy good!!!!!!!! I think it might be time for me to go to bed!!!
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Here are some of my favorites of the larger ones

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Oh my!
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LOL, Can we just add all the ones on the page Hissy linked? I just spent forever checking them out, and they all rocked!
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Originally posted by Debby
Could we have one for "kiss my butt?"
How's this?
I've never heard of it being called grits before...isn't grits a potato side dish?
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Here's another hug that is very similiar to the one Laurie uses. I found it on the bestsmileys site.

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I received an email from the Best Smilies guy, giving us permission to upload from his site. So if Anne agrees, that will be our source for new smilies. I guess you can all peruse there for ones that you like.
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Deb that's wonderful news!!!!!
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Deb you rock!!!!!!!
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Thank you Deb!

For the sake of not having our smilie page take forever to load and being too large to scroll through - I suggest we stick to the smaller smilies. The ones that actually are "smilie" based maybe? You can always insert the larger ones directly from the websites that provide them - though it's nice to have a good selection here as well. Wish we could have some cool cat smilies of our own. Any ideas what you'd have a (small) cat smilie do?
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Originally posted by Tamme
How's this?
I've never heard of it being called grits before...isn't grits a potato side dish?
Oh, Tamme, you poor thing - not knowing what grits are. They are ground hominy. It looks like Cream of Wheat but tastes a whole lot better. Some people eat them like hot cereal, with milk and sugar. My family eats them with butter, cheese, salt and pepper. I like bacon crumbled up in mine, too.

In the South, you get grits instead of hash browns in restaurants.
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Originally posted by Tamme
How's this?
I've never heard of it being called grits before...isn't grits a potato side dish?
Am I the only one old enough to remember when Flo said that on Alice all the time????
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Heidi...I loved that show! I remember watching that when I was little...Flo was such a hoot!
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OMG!!! Those smiley links are HILLARIOUS!!!

I am bookmarking them also, but thanks for all the links to them--they REALLY made me laugh!!!

...And I DO remember Flo and Alice too!
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