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UTI Maybe?

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I posted a thread about my cat Blue yesterday. We took her to the vet since she has lost 1.5lbs in the past year. The vet took urine and tested for Diabetes which she was negative for. He did say that her urine contains protein which I guess isn't normal. He is testing for PKD since she possibly has some Persian/Himalayan in her background and he says it's common in those breeds. I'm obviously tearing my hair out waiting for him to call. I called the office around noon, the receptionist said her results are in but I have to wait until after 5 for the doctor to call me. Anyway I've been researching on the internet (which we all do while waiting I'm sure) It seems like her symptoms could also indicate a UTI, does anyone have any experience with those. These are her symptoms:

Weight loss
Infrequent urination
Protein in urine
Loss of appetite (which only occurred after we got back from the vet, so it stress could have caused that)

If anyone's cat has had these symptoms and can let me know if there's anything other then kidney disease that it could be please let me know. I know that only a vet can tell me exactly what is wrong, I'm just looking for something to give me a little hope while I'm waiting for the call.

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I know alot about Utis. Coco did lose weight with hers and didnt want to eat.
She would squat and she had the constipation also. What you discripe does fit it. I need to find Cocos urine test and see what her protiens were. I think it was high because they thought Diabetis at first. I also know alot about Crf. Alot of it fits Crf also. Does the Cat drink alot of water? Let me know what the Vet says
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Yes, she has been drinking more water lately, I forgot to add that to the list of symptoms. I know that can also be a symptom of both UTI & PKD. I will defiantly re-post after I hear from the vet. We just need a lot of good vibes!
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Prayers the phone call will be good. I had a cat with Kidney Stones and I lost him at age 5. I know alittle about Pkd but not alot. Utis can go to the Kidney also if not caught in time. Here are some links for you on Pdk.
I hope these links help you.
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Many Prayers and for your kitty
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Thanks everyone for the good vibes. I spoke to the vet a little while ago, he didn't call me until 9:30 but at least he called. He seems to think that she does have PKD so if anyone has any experience with this I'd love to hear from you. He is 99% sure she has it, but he can't officially diagnoise her without doing an ultrasound. He said that her kidneys are just not processing protein properly, they are doing all the other functions that they do fine. He is starting her on some medication to help her absorb protein since that seems to be the only problem she is having now. Hopefully that will make her feel better. I'm going to schedule the ultrasound in a few weeks, I don't want to bring her right back to the vet since the trip yesterday was very traumatic. The vet had to take a blood sample, he tried twice in her neck and the assistant wasn't restraining her properly so he couldn't get it. Then he was finally able to get it out of her inner thigh. Both areas are very brused right now, if anyone knows of a way to help her with that please let me know also. I thought of putting ice on the area but I don't know if she would like that or not.
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I'm so sorry for you guys and lots of good

No experience with PKD or URI's (yet) here, but Kitty has lifeling health probs that are sometimes scary and sad to deal with, so I know how you must feel waiting and wondering. Hopefully your vet will be able to bring some peace, and answers, to all.
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