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Good Dry Cat food always bad or some brands ok?

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I have a cat with eosinophilic ulcers and we've been working with his food. When we switched to Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea dry and Duck and Green Pea wet and Venison and Green Pea wet, his ulcers cleared up for almost a whole year. Now they're back with a vengence and prednisone is no longer effective - and I don't want to use it anyway because it's not a good long term solution. So I'm going to try EVO and hope that grain-less foods will clear things up. My question is, I've read that all dry food is bad - cooked at high temps, etc. I would ideally like to feed EVO dry and canned (canned in morning, dry all day long for him to graze on) but I hear all these bad things saying all dry foods are bad - is EVO dry also bad? or is it close enough to raw that it's ok? Obviously people will have different opinions but I'd just like to hear if people think a food that simulates the raw diet is still only good in canned form or if dry will be ok too?
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Dry food is NOT imho the best .... but if that is what your cat will eat yes EVO are very good... Bad is a relative term ... it is not a natural diet

I like RAW but it is not easy and or practical for all to do ... in your case I suggest you find a holistic vet who can help with raw or homemade diet for your cats ailment

Canned FOOD in MY opinion is likely the best for your issue
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Thanks - are there other suggestions for the best dry food out there for cats besides EVO? I've looked at Orijen. Any others? I'm afraid I'm far more well versed in dog nutrition rather than cat nutrition.
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taste of the wild

wellness core

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I'd recommend taste of the wild. It's grain-free and doesn't have any corn or by-products in its cat formula which is nice. My cat loves it. Here's the website if you want to take a look: http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/
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thanks for the responses - i'm going to check these out at the store tonight. i hope a more raw diet type food will help (he's actually already grain less now, but maybe another grain less food but also low carb food that's more raw like will help)
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For dry foods, evo is top quality. That said dry food is not allowed within 5 miles of my house! For me the dehydrating factors of dry food for an animal that isn't normally a big drinker is enough of a reason to feed a poorer quality wet food over any dry
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