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I got a post card from Big kat & Pepper & Bella!!!!!
No I have never been to Las Vegas ,never will, I am married to a preacher,[they do not gamble]I would like to myself! I have only been as far as Texas.[I won't tell about the *** show you went to!
Thanks for the card!
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What show???? Do tell Sherral!!!
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I can't but it does not start with a c!
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That leaves an awful lot to the imagination!!!!!
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3 letter's starts with a d!
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Ooh!!! I think I know what it is!!
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Sherral how could you?!!!

I'll tell you 'a' show I went to in Vegas - Mystere, one of the Cirque de Soleil shows, and it was amazing!! But I think that's all I care to share about my Vegas trip for now, thank you very much!
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ohhh they have one of those shows in disney world!! You can go there is you don't wanna to go to los vegas to see it. Nothing in disney world a preacher would like
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I don't understand why a preacher can't go to Las Vegas, there's other things there besides sex, and gambling. There are many informative muesums(sp?). You could send him off to one of those and then do your own thing. It's just that I'm only 24 and I've been more than a hand ful of times, each time is MORE FUN than the last. I wouldn't want you to miss out.=)
OR just be safe and go to disney.=(
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