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I just was wondering if any of you collect any thing in particular.
I collect Boyd's Bears. I have around 75 of the figurines, and 20 of the plush. Does anyone know what I am talking about? They are sooo cute!!!!!!!!!

So what do YOU collect?
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Okay, I have not collected anything material in my entire life. I can never set my mind on one thing. Theres so much out there that I like. I do have a lot of fantasy stuff though.
I would have to say though at this point I have quite the collection of cats
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I have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder) so I collect EVERYTHING!
Please don't think I am some major weirdo after reading this:

Some of my weirder collections:
MAGAZINES!! I used to have all these different magazines, collected from when I was a teen on into my 20's. I had Seventeen, YM, Glamour, Better homes And Gardens, Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast House and Garden. I had issues from 1987 on up. I threw a whole bunch out, though, but I can't get rid of the home magazines. I just recently stopped buying magazines every month.
Shampoo, conditioner, lotion-- I have so many bottles of different shampoos and lotions it's nuts! And I buy the expensive stuff from salons. I probably have $75 worth of shampoos alone. Then (and this is REALLY dumb) since they were so expensive, I refuse to use them for every day use, if I am not going anywhere "important". I hate Victoria's Secret. I cannot resist a sale, and they always have "3 for $20" sales on the bath and body products, so I have tons of lotions and things from there.
Empty mini-bottles You know, the things for travel size and that samples come in? Well when I am done with the sample I take the labels off, wash them out, and stash them away because I just KNOW I'll need them some day.
Stationery, paper, pens, school supplies I have a HUGE box (we
are talking cedar-chest sized) full of stationery. I have 3 or 4 cosmetic pouches full of pens. I never met a pen I didn't like.
CD's I have well over 400, on my way to 500.
Luggage I don't know why but I have so many different pieces of luggage. I don't have a whole set of luggage but various carry-ons, duffel bags, backpacks, purses, cosmetic bags, etc.

I also amass various stuffed animals (Beanie babies, Boyd's Bears) and knick-knacks, although I don't collect any particular brand or thing. Some may say I have taken to collecting furniture. I have 2 beds, , 2 dressers, 2 bookcases, and an entertainment center.

Now mind you, this is not some huge collection of junk like you may have seen on news shows. I am also VERY neat and tidy. I cannot sleep if one thing it out of place. I have enough storage to keep my collections neatly out of the way of my living space.

It drives me nuts that my brain tells me I have to keep all of these THINGS! I am only 24, and at this rate I will have to buy 3 or 4 houses when I get older just to keep my crap.
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Illusion, I collect things in almost all the same categories as you!

The only one I haven't tried yet is minibottles...but now that you mention it, it sounds like fun....

I also collect books (5 bookcases and counting), 2/3 of which I haven't read yet. (OCD strikes again)

My mother-in-law is an Avon Lady, so she has been enabling my lotion-body wash-perfume hoarding. I have 1 desk drawer plus 2 pencilcases full of pens. 15 purses at last count. 8 (i think) duffelbags/carry-ons, but I've been trying to cut down. 2 years ago, I forced myself to go through my magazines and newspapers and save only the important articles, then let my subscriptions run out. The spare bedroom at my dad's house is full of my stuffed animals.

I know how you feel about saving potentially useful stuff "just in case". For me, throwing something out feels like having an organ removed.

I've started collecting things for my husband now--wolf pictures and statues, and things relating to his favorite football team. It's a nice change of pace.
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Alexnell: I am going to feel very guilty when you get a few drawerfulls of minibottles Of course I can tell you the best kind of bottles to look for if you need advice! :laughing:

I also forgot nail polish I have more bottles of nail polish than my former manicurist. I have just about every color except for the standard reds, pinks, browns, and peaches. I have like 10 different shades of green. I love green nail polish for some reason.

Poor Debby, I bet you never expected this in your thread
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i was just reading through this thread before going to sleep and am
amazed at the similarities i have with both you guys, illusion & alexnell.

i also collect stationary - dont ever take me to a stationary store if
you're in a hurry or dont plan on spending at least an hour there -
i love paper, pens, notebooks, accesories - everything - always, always have!

music is another similarity - i practically horde c.d.'s - though after
i had 400 c.d.'s stolen and with them my heart i have been weary of
spending the money again, especially lately.

i love little bottles, and i love make-up - though i dont really wear
much i love the containers, and scents.

i collect shampoos, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers, perfume, nailpolish in -
blue, black, dark & light greens, and clear.

i also collect towels :laughing: and dish towels (dont laugh) and of course -
clothes - or i used to, when i had the money ( lol )

and my biggest obsessions are : lip gloss, coffee mugs, & ashtrays

i also love furniture with a passion, and rugs, curtains, and pots (for plants) -
pottery, knick knacks and dishes...

i also have OCD - it's nice to know i am not alone
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I collect cats of course! LOL But, unlike some "collectors" I care for mine quite well, and close the doors when there is no room at the inn.

Breyer Horses, have over 300 of them. Had porcelains too- but when my gelding got so sick a few years ago, and I had to pay $2,000 cash to get him out of the hospital, I sold my Breyer Porcelains to cover the cost. But, I still have my other ones.

Stuffed animals, mostly endangered cats and birds

Garfield collection- have over 400 pieces, last I counted

Snoopy memorabilia

MAD Magazines- had them as a kid and kept them, also TV guides, don't ask me why! LOL

Small miniature horses and donkeys (the kind you find in antique stores if you are lucky

Cow cannisters for the kitchen

Horse tack

I have an extensive cat collection of all sorts, these are the little porcelain and china figures.

Pens, pens, and pens. mike swears there is something wrong with me, because I cannot pass up an aisle of writing pens without going totally bonkers! Must be the writer within

Stephen King in hardback, also Dean Koontz, and just books in general all kinds, paperback and hard.
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I also collect everything! I use to collect Beanie Babies but that died. I do still collect the bears, cats and dogs. I collect Calico Kitties and Mary Moo Moos. I also collect anything Eeyore and Pooh related. I have a huge cat collection. My husband collects nascar collectibles. He is a huge Dale Earnhardt fan so we have die casts and all sorts of Nascar collectibles. Needless to say my house is very cluttered.

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When I was an auxiliary state trooper I used to collect pigs. I had pig towels, scatter rugs, etc. Then I switched to cats. That's what I collect now. I did collect beanie babies and have a huge collection of those but like Michele said, that died. My daughter now has started me collecting shoes. Not the kind you wear, but the ceramic kind from different periods. She gets me one for every occasion. I'd like to get a small glass cabinet to show them in because their so unique. I am also a HUGE fan of the Three Stooges. I've got a clock, cookie jar, books on the history of them (there were actually 6 stooges in all), x-mas ornaments, shirts, collectible plates. When I was in Florida, I went into this memorabilia shop. They had a check signed my Moe and a picture in a frame and wanted over $300 for it. The closest I got to owning it is taking a picture of it! What I'm really looking for that is very rare is a signature of Larry Fine (real name Lawrence Fineburg). I have been a great fan since I was a young kid. The key to collecting stuff such as books, ornaments, etc. is to never open the package. That gives them more value.
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I think I have a habit of collecting animals in need. (according to my fiance at least)
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What a great thread!

I too have some similarities, and some of my own...
Coffee Mugs
House plants (I have over 20)
Candles (I have so many lovely smelling candles it is crazy)

Hmm.. my mind is blank

I would love to collect real life kitties, but mine would
never tolerate it
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ahhhh, i forgot about candles & plants!! and i have dozens upon dozens
of different scented incenses, though, nag champa is my favourite
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oh my gosh Blue...

Nag Champa is so my favorite. this is getting kinda eerie
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In my house we have many different collections going. I help my husband with his toy tractor collection. It doesn't help that my in-laws are dealers for farm toys and Breyer animals. My daughter has calico kittens and beanie babies as well as Just the right shoe. I collect charming tails. They are a collection of pretty much mice that have various themes. My biggest obsession is Barbie dolls. For being almost 30, I act worse than a little kid when it comes to them.
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Ok, here goes....
Plants also...only 9 inside, 14 on my balcony
Candles...just walked through apt. and a quick count shows 51 I have them more for the scent than anything else.
Cookbooks...over 50, not counting the little cheapo ones.
Colored wine/champagne glasses, about 20.
and last, but far from least...
ANGELS! :angel2: more than I could count, I have a beautiful Angel tattoed on my left shoulder/upper back who looks out for me!

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Originally posted by swalker
oh my gosh Blue...

Nag Champa is so my favorite. this is getting kinda eerie.
!!!! that's amazing, it is the best incense there is, though, isnt it?!
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mmm...mmm...good :laughing2:

I it!
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I forgot mugs and candles. The candles are really piling up because I can't burn them very often anymore--Mr. Alex tends to wave his big, fluffy tail without considering the consequences and has nearly set himself on fire a few times. I keep a glass of water handy the rare times I do burn the candles, just in case.
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I collect Boyd Bears too!! The plush and the resin, between them both I have about 50 to 60, I haven't counted lately. I also collect teddy bears and my house is full of them. My kitten Socki loves to play with them and I usually find them all over the floor.
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I love Eucalyptus candles!!! I had them burning all day yesterday. I also love French Vanilla.

I learned the hard way to keep the candles up high. Mollie Rose, my 7 year old tortie singed the tip of her tail one day. After that, my older male Casey did the same thing. MooShoo, my Sphynx, who is so nosey, went over to sniff the candle. Fortunately he didn't get too close and has no hair to singe anyway.
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Alright Robin!!!! A fellow Boyd's Bear lover!!!! I would love to see your collection!!! How long have you been collecting them? I started collecting Boyds bears about 1995. I wish I had started sooner, as some of the early peices are worth alot of money!!

And candles, gosh I forgot candles!!! I absolutely hoard Lilac scented candles....even though I have tons....I still want more....Ive got about 30 of them in various shapes and sizes and containers.

And houseplants....how could I forget!!!!!!!!!
I simply cannot resist a new houseplant....I just counted and I have 33 of them, everything from swedish Ivy to defenbachia.

I also know what you guys mean about hoarding the lotions and body sprays....we have a place here called Bath & Body works...and I can't resist buying new lotions and sprays there, even though I have a cupboard full!!!

I'm glad I started this thread....it is really interesting! It tells us even more about each other to see what all we collect!!
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