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Now Biscotte and Bonaparte are sick

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The saga continues - I have been monitoring Biscotte for a while after she had a slight fever a month ago, as she did not seem quite right, and yesterday she hid all day. And then Bonaparte peed bright pink urine in front of me on the floor. Off to the vet with both of them. She has a fever over 40C and he has cystitis. I just cannot believe how they can all get sick of different things at the same time, unless it is all stress induced. Biscotte worries me most as the vet could once again (like last time) find no obvious cause, but has put her on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and wants to see her again in a week. If she is not better he will do a blood test. Meanwhile the others (Wellington and Cinders) continue to improve and have regained their appetites. Milo's mouth ulcer is fine and he is back to normal.
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Oh No Jenny, I hope this all gets resolved soon and everyone is back to normal Vibes for your babies
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Sending for all your sick babies to be well, Jenny. And to you.
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Lots of vibes for your sweeties!!!

It is possible that stress has played a factor. It's a known fact that stress can lower your immune system so that you become more susceptible to illness.

I know you like to foster, but given how your kitties seem to react, it might be advisable to consider no longer fostering and see if things improve.
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What a crazy time for you and your babies!! Sending healing vibes that everyone gets well soon!!
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I hope your cats feel better.
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Lots of vibes for those sweet babies
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Oh no, poor kitties! I hope they all improve soon
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Poor babies, Prayers and for your kitties
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Originally Posted by aswient View Post
Poor babies, Prayers and for your kitties
poor Bonaparte - that must be painful! and sweet little Biscotte... sending my & for the both of them [& for you].
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Biscotte is much better 48 hours after the vet visit but I am still worried about Bonaparte. He is still peeing pink but it is clear, not the red gravelly stuff he was leaving earlier. So I have that awful weekend dilemma - do I take him back today or do I wait and see how he is over Sunday? He still has 8 days worth of antibiotics to take. Apart from the peeing he is eating and drinking and only a bit quieter than usual. So perhaps he is improving, albeit slowly.
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He probably just needs to get the rest of his medication in him. IMO as long as he is urinating and not the gravelly stuff, he should be fine over the weekend. Just watch him, like I'm sure you are doing. Mine has UTI problems and he gets pink urine but when he finshes his medication ht's all clear again.

Prayers and recovery for Bonaparte.
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for you and your kittys. Hope they are feeling better soon!!!
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Sending lots of vibes for your kittys!
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Glad you're seeing some improvement; sending lots more for continued healing.
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Oh Jenny what an ordeal. Sending so many calming vibes for your bunch to be as stress free as posible. Stress can really cause A LOT of health issues. Healing vibes all around, too
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Bonaparte had clear urine this morning, though he peed in a corner and not in the tray. But at least I could see it there! Biscotte is eating Ok but still a bit quiet.

I took the fosters back to the shelter yesterday, hated to do it but they need to be put into the adoption programme, and my cats must get back to normal. I was very upset though, to find that one of my previous foster litter, the grey boy Gandalf, has a bad eye infection that had not been treated. He was very thin too. I showed him to the manager and she was sorry but he had slipped through her notice at morning inspection. To be fair to her, they are overwhelmed right now, but if he is not much better when I go tomorrow I shall bring him home and put him in a cage and get my vet to look at him. I can't bear it that I handed them over healthy and happy and then they get sick, though I know that is a reality of shelter life.
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That must be heartbreaking. There is no way around that.

Hopefully your babies at home can now get their lives back to normal and be happy and healthy again
Healthy vibes for the sick kitty and happy adoption vibes for them all
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I'm so sorry to hear about all your furbies' illnesses. I hope they all improve soon, and that you don't have anymore problems.

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Bonaparte has been back to the vet because his urine suddenly became pink again. He has a stronger antibiotic, but hte vet want me to put him on a special diet as well as Wellington. Biscotte is an enigma. She is quiet but eating and drinking Ok. She is due to go back to the vet on Thursday for a followup, which I am glad about but I cannot yet justify going before then, though I don't feel she is right. I am going to start a new thread about the feeding issue - I am arguing with my vet.
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Many many vibes and prayers for your crew, Jenny, to get everything sorted out and for them to be 100% again
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Jenny, as you know, your kitties are some of my favourites and I hate to hear they are not well. I would hate to hear of any kitties not being well, but I have a special place in my heart for yours. I'll keep you and your babies in my thoughts and prayers that they will get well soon.
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I'm sorry your sweeties are still not back to normal. Here's hoping you can get their issues sorted out soon.

Sending for all of you.
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More vibes coming your way!
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