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Pregnant or something else? Help!?

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I'm new to this site but thought maybe someone here could help me
My 2 year old girl is un-neutured. As she's a house cat and being mated lated this year before being spayed. She has come into season ever 14-16 days since having her. About 3 weeks ago she escaped for 5 hours. I gave her a good check over when she came back and other than some car grease (I guess she's been laying under on or something) she looked fine. I even checked her back end (she's a persian) to see if ther was anything there, if you get my meaning. But she was all good and I was just thankful to have her back
For the past week she's been a little... odd. She's been very clingy, more so than normal and super affectionate with anyone. Then she started eating a bit more (She's a very light eater normally), I just put it down to a change in weather... she's now started calling (or being really vocal) so I presumed she's coming on heat although it's been 3 weeks since her last cycle and she's normally 14-16 days like clockwork.
The thing is, her nipples look a bit, well strange. They aren't normally like this and after what I could find online it made me wonder if she might be pregnant. The are quite long and pink with a white tip on the end, some have a little bit of what I'd say looks like a yellow clear discharge on them and the fur around thems not there so they are really clear.
I'll attach a pic if I can work out how too, but can anyone shed some light? She's doing a little of her mating dance, but not as much as normal and doesn't feel 'hot' like she does when on call, could it be a false pregnancy? I can't get to the vets till next week (monday)and I really have no idea,
Hope someone can help

Melissa and Madam x
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Because you have let her go in and out of heat for awhile and she's never been bred, you risk pyrometria. I'd have a vet check her out - any discharge like that should be cause for concern.

If she has pyrometria it could kill her if not treated. And if she has it, she has to be spayed now to save her life.

If she' not a pedigree that is a quality persian WHY do you feel she needs to be bred? And if she is a pedigree if she was bought as a pet, she should be spayed - not bred.
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She was not bought as a pet, she was bought as an established breeding queen (active on register). I haven't had a litter from her as of yet due to getting her into good health and condition and settling her in. I've only had her a few months and didn't want to push her straight into breeding, also I did not know when her last litter was (The breeder seemed to think it was a year ago but I wanted to ere on the side of caution I do not believe in them having more than 1 litter in a year much like humans having babies too fast - its not good for them or fair imo).

if she needed to be speyed because of illness or anything I wouldn't think twice about doing it, I love all my cats whether they are neutured or entire

I was just worried about her as she is vocal at present and late coming into call (and with the added risk that she did get out) but with the nipple thing too it made me wonder whether it was something else?

I'm doing my best to get her into the vets earlier, but our vets is not near by at all so hard to get her there. Her safety and health is the most important thing to me, she is above everything my girl now and part of our family, Melissa x
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A cat is pregnant between 59 to 70 days, with an average around 63. Approximately 9 weeks. If your queen got out three weeks ago and she was in heat, it is very likely that she is expecting.

"Pinking" is usually the first signs of a pregnant cat and usually happens around 2-3 weeks. The hair around the nipples will also begin to recede.

Also most queens do become very affectionate when they are expecting. I foster pregnant cats and moms and have yet to run across a stray that didnt love us to pieces.

You might want to check out

If you enter in her escape date, it will give you a nice timeline of when to expect what.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Oh! And we love pictures around here
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PS... sometimes it is common for a pregnant cat to appear to be in heat. Apparently the pressure of the kittens feels similar to heat... or something like that and they might call or wave their read ends when petted.

Also, here is a link to Pyometra. You mentioned possible discharge from her NIPPLES not her vulva correct? You can read about the signs, symptoms and treatment there.

Again, good luck!
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There's no discharge from her vulva, she is cleaning it like she does in heat, but there is a slight discharge on some of her nipples. She keeps cleaning them too, I was watching her tonight laying on her back and cleaning herself.

I am getting an appointment tomorrow at the vets have managed to sort one out so hopefully will get some answers and take action if need be. I certainly don't want to loose her as she's like one of my children to me

Thankyou for the information ladies, it is muchly appreciated!! Melissa x
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You can get a ultrasound and they will show if she was preg.
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Originally Posted by BBkitty View Post

I am getting an appointment tomorrow at the vets have managed to sort one out so hopefully will get some answers and take action if need be. I certainly don't want to loose her as she's like one of my children to me
Melissa, I'm glad your going to find out for sure. It will give you great peace of mind. At 3 weeks along (if she is pregnant) an experienced vet should be able to palpitate her tummy and feel for (and count) the kittens.

Good luck! Looking forward to the updates.
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Me too, I'm worried about her. If she is pregnant accidently then that's my fault for not being more careful and her escaping, but if she wasn't pregnant and she was ill I'd never forgive myself for not getting her checked.

I'll post tomorrow with the vet outcome, hopefully all will be well, I have my fingers crossed!! Melissa and Madam x
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I hope she is ok. IMO I don't understand WHY a breeder sold you a breeding queen without knowing when her last litter was. That is poor management (among other things).
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To be honest the lack of knowledge and the fact Madam didn't look well looked after (Coat was in knots and she hadn't been groomed in I don't know how long) it's part of the reason i took her. I got her vet checked and they gave her flying colours but it seemed they had neglected Madam (I don't mean they were abusive to her, more that she wasn't getting attention and certainly no grooming). As soon as the vet check came back ok I took her on as I'd fallen in love with her and she needed some tlc. I didn't care whether she would remain a breeding queen for me or not, just as I don't know. She is a beautiful colour plus now has a fantastic nature but if she only remains a pet and part of the family it will still be worth the efforts I made to get her She really is something special!!
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Well IMO unless she is show quality or has produced show quality kittens (which you probably won't know), then she really should be spayed and not bred at all.

Pretty color/temperment are not good enough reasons to breed a cat. If you are serious about breeding, you want to IMPROVE the breed. Maybe in the future you can save up for a quality cat that could be the start of your breeding program if that is what you choose to do.
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I hope she is ok. I would rather her be pregnant than sick. If she is pregnant, will you keep the kittens?
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