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Something to calm him during a loooong flight?

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I'll be moving back to the states with my 1 year old male kitty in just a few weeks... the total travel time will be somewhere around 18-20 hours. I've had experience with traveling long distances overseas, but that was with my other cat who passed away. My new cat has a completely different temperament than my other cat, and I'm worried that this trip may cause some anxiety for both myself and my cat!

I've heard it through the grapevine (somebody told me they used it on their cat) that Badger Sleep Balm will calm a cat... I put a tiny bit on the sides of his face yesterday to see how calm he would get - it seemed to work for the most part. My only concerns are that it may not be good for him and/or it will cause other problems. Is there anything that will keep him relaxed while we fly? He'll be flying in the cabin with us, but I would like to be able to take him out of his carrier since it is such a long flight... and his carrier has to be small, and he isn't a small kitty! I know technically he shouldn't be out of the carrier, but I'm hoping that if he's calm enough, it won't be a problem. When I brought my other cat overseas, we took her out of the carrier and when the stewardess walked by I thought we would get into trouble, but instead she pet my cat!

So, I guess my question is, is whether or not Badger Balm is safe for my cat, or if there is anything that will keep him calm and relaxed during the flight?

PS - Feliway is available here, but comes in a diffuser (that won't work), and I haven't found a spray or something like it.
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Why don't you check with your vet? I would not want to try anything with my cat without medical consultation. When I sedated my cat for long-distance travel, my vet was very helpful.
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I do not reccomend sedation, & many flights do not either. Your cat will be "out of it" making it impossible for you to notice if something is indeed wrong.

I flew PJ & Punky in the plane with me on a 3 hour flight. I reccomend Rescue Remedy.
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Do not sedate him. Most cats will sleep for awhile once they are in the air - its the take-off/landing that gives them the most problems.

IF the stewardess says ok to take him out, that's fine, but most will tell you that you cannot take them out of the carrier but you can put the carrier on the seat (empty) next to you and talk to your pet.
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Sedation when air-traveling is a no-no

I'm relocating & flying with my cat in about a month. My poor baby-cat has to travel in cargo due to quarantine(I'm moving to HI from the US mainland) so sedation or literally anything that may cause possible hazards to her health are definitely out of question as I am not there to observe her during flights(total 12+ hours including lay-over) I've been trying on Rescue Remedy but also considering other products as well.

Since your kitty is traveling with you in-cabin, you may not need anything besides your kitty's favorite toy and your nice & calm talking during the flight
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Thanks everyone! He will not be sedated... I will have to call the vet and see if they have Rescue Remedy - have heard great stuff about that.

P.S. - Badger Sleep Balm works, I just don't know if it's good long term... here are the ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Golden Yellow Beeswax, *Castor Oil, and Essential Oils of *Bergamot, *Ginger, *Rosemary, *Lavender & *Balsam Fir.

* = Certified Organic
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I've never heard of Badger Sleep Balm before but just found it on-line,
it said "USDA Certified Organic" and does not sound too bad for cat.

I may have to give it a try just in case my cat would not tolerate Rescue Remedy...
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Try health food shops for Rescue Remedy - it is actually a British product, so you might be able to get it in Sweden (I have seen it in Germany, so I am pretty sure it is on the continent).

Good luck with the move! We might be doing it in a few years time!
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Does he have a chip and tag in case he gets out and lost?? Have a body harness and a leash for safety. Remember, the stewardess might be ok with a cat but I betcha some on the plane are allergic and will cause a stink. I wish you well. Might do dry runs with the kennel so the cat is used to it and sees it as a nice place.
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