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Guys, our fearless leader could use your prayers

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Anne is mega sick, and still teaching her class. She taught today with a fever! Talk about dedication! Ron is down with an ear infection and well, Anne could just use board magic and positive thoughts and prayers right now. She just has to many irons in the fire right now and is really worn out.
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Sending positive - feel good and get well vibes - to you Anne. *hugs*
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Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Anne. I hope she's feeling better soon!
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I do hope that she gets better soon! I'm sure it's hard to manage so many things at one time!
Anne..please take care of yourself and the new little one too! Give Baby Ron a big hug and kiss from me and hope his ear infection goes away soon. Oh and don't forget Isaac...Hope he's feeling better!
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awwww hope she feels better soon!
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Get better, Anne. Take care of yourself and the baby.
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Prayer's comeing from NY and striaght from a preacher & and his wife! Anne hope you get better soon!Ron also!
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drink lots of water and eat some chicken soup! (((HUGS))) get well soon!
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Many prayers and good wishes heading Anne's way. Hoping you are feeling better and things calm down a bit soon.
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Poor Anne, good luck to her! I'll be thinking about her and sending positive thoughts. Also good on her for teaching while still sick, not everyone will do that!
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sending get well soon and healing vibes to Anne and family right now

(((( Anne and Family))))
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Feel better, Anne! Sending get-well vibes...
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Prayers and hugs!!!!
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+++++ thoughts going out to Anne!!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!! Get some rest and take it easy!!((((((((HUGS))))))))))
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Get well soon! :daisy:
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel awful for not seeing this sooner!!!!

I don't even go to the catsite forums to see new posts, I just go to them from my e-mail, since I get e-mail notifications of all new posts/threads in the lounge, and I was just working my way down the list or else I would have seen it sooner!!! I am SO sorry to hear that Anne is sick and that baby Ron is having ear infection!!!! prayers are with you, as always, tonight...I am so sorry you are sick.....and poor baby prayers are with him as well....please both of you, get better soon!!!!!
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Sending (((HUGS))) and prayers to Anne!!! Feel better soon!!!! And take care of yourself!!!
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I hope Anne feels better soon! Take it easy on yourself!
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Get well soon, Anne & Ronnie!

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Thank you everyone! That is so sweet of you all!

I am feeling better this evening though not by much. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend even one day properly resting in bed, so I guess this is why I'm dragging this on. I'm usually more resilient than that but I figure this time around my body is just under too much stress. As it happens, I was teaching the class about stress in cats yesterday which is pretty much the same as stress in people. It suddenly dawned on me how the accumulative effect of everything must have worn down my immune system. With the war, hubby being ill this year, too much work overload, and now Ron being ill and me being pregnant and sleep deprived - I guess it was just too much.

Ron is much better now. Except for the occasional cough, you can hardly tell he's been sick. My fever is down but I still cough a lot, carry around a huge box of tissues and generally feel sick (hard to tell sometimes what's the cold and what's the pregnancy sickness ).

At least this week it's a holiday (Passover) so I don't have to teach on Friday. Yeah! Maybe that would give me some time to rest. We are also traveling up to the North of Israel on Wednesday for a couple of days to celebrate the holiday with my brother-in-law's family. That should be nice and relaxed and I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you again everyone for your prayers and well wishes - they are highly appreciated!!! :daisy:
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Gosh I didn't even see this last night!

Continued healthy energy coming your way Anne. That Holiday week couldn't have come at a better time for you.
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I didn't see it either... anyway,

Anne, hope you get better soon! You better rest during the holiday.
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OH Anne I feel badly for not having seen this post before! I do hope you feel a LOT better, really soon! It feels so miserable to have all that going on at once! Thank you so much, for all you do(and for the email back, about how to post a link! --I appreciate it ALL! )
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I'm glad to hear Ron is feeling better now! How are you feeling now, Anne? I hope you are much better!!!!!!
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Anne, good thoughts and healing prayers coming your way for you and Ron. Take care of yourself!!!!
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Anne! I am glad that you and Ron are both doing better. Please take care of yourself.
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I'm glad you're getting better!! Take care of yourself and the baby!
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