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Question of the Day - August 7th!

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What is your favorite article of clothing that you own, and where did you get it?

Mine is my big blue Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, we found it in a pile of old clothes from John's grandparents. I'm always cold, so I usually wear a sweater in the house and that one is just so comfy!
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It sounds silly, but one of my favourite pieces of clothing are my chaps!

I got them in a sale in an equestrian shop, and I them! They're so comfy!
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I'd have to go with a pair of Hydraulic jeans I bought at Ross. I've worn them out! They've got holes forming everywhere

Another one would have to be the Michigan Wolverines hoodie I swiped from Rob 3.5 years ago He left one at my parents' house when I still lived there and we were in a LDR ... it smelt like him, and I would wear it to keep me warm in school since I was always freezing. I still wear it, and he's always like "Yeah, that's mine."
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Once it gets a bit cooler I wear a sweatshirt I got from one a pricey bouotique in Kohler WI
Its *gasp* garden themed with a wheelbarrow and the phrase mud,sweat and tears.

Earlier this spring I bit adieu to a pair of shorts I had for years-they were mens XL gym shorts that looked like a skirt that were from some bowl game in Syracuse NY.
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I have a sweatshirt I love to wear when the weather is cooler..

On the front it has five cats walking towards you, on the back five cat butts walking away from you..

It's very cute..
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Mi tshirt of the Bengals of cincinnatti!... and It was a gift from a friend of mine!.. my really favourite!...
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I bought a leather cowboy hat up in Alaska while I was a tour guide there. I wore it all the time. When I went back to Oregon, I wore it all the time there too. I even wore it while helping a friend burn underbrush for about a week. I can't really wear it too much here in Ohio. I wear it to garden, but I usually end up catching a lot of crap from everybody about it.
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My Sean Taylor, Washington Redskin jersey He was killed last year
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My favourite has to be my pink cardigan with white stripes going down the arms, I don't wear it now as much as I used to, as I'm hoping to prolong it's life and give it a break!
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Any hoodie. I don't have a favourite but I love them.
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My little black dress!!! I love it I really love to get dressed up any chance i get -so it's perfect for that!

I've also got about 5 pairs of heels that i could never choose a favorite from- that's like asking a parent to choose their favorite kid!!!
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Animal lovers, like we all are, please don't freak out but my favorite has to be a used cross mink I have. We had to go back east for our niece's (DH's side) Bat Mitzvah and I long since donated my winter coats to the homeless. I went into my local American Cancer Society thrift store. I just wanted to get a black file coat. I found one but then the shop keeper, who I knew because I shopped there many times, asked me if I had seen the cross mink. I had no idea what a cross mink was but when she showed it to me it was so beautiful - white with grey highlights. It fit perfectly. The only thing I had to do was to change my name to Susan somebody or have the embroidered name replaced. I chose the latter.

Now, if you knew DH's family, you would have bought that coat as well. And this was a big Bat Mitzvah. So, I bought it for $1250.00. It was a big hit at the party and it kept me warm in Rochester, NY in December.

I put it in storage in the spring and asked to have it appraised and the appraisal was for $9500.00.

I don't wear it very often - this is CA. It's not a baby seal coat or a leopard coat. Minks are not endangered. I wear leather, so...

I really bought the coat because my Dad died of cancer of the larynx when I was 14. I was supporting a great cause (that is why I shopped there so often), one that helped my Dad, and I wished that he could still be alive to see me in that coat.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
I put it in storage in the spring and asked to have it appraised and the appraisal was for $9500.00. .
very expensive!......
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My favorite in the winter is a hoodie I got last year at Goodwill for $3.00. I normally don't like hoodies because the hoods seem to bunch up at the back of my neck and make my hair look like the flying nun. But this one was so used the hood lays flat, plus it's SO warm and comfy! It's a WVU hoodie, which I'm not really into college sports, but since I live in WVA now it helps me "fit in".

In summer, it's a t-shirt I have had for almost 10 years now and it's basically threadbare. One of the underarms has ripped out, plus the dear cats put so many pin holes in the front while kneeding me which have turned into actual big holes. Needless to say, I only wear it to bed...which DH is very happy about. He says he likes to play "peek-a-boo" . Yeah, my husband is easily amused.
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brown hoodie, fits extremely well which is hard to find for me. Brown, with rainbow lines a couple centimeters apart going horizontal all down it, also its short sleeved which is good for summer.

I love it because it fits so well, and is good in so many kinds of weather because its breathable, but layers well, as my arms dont feel like a mummies'. Plus, it hides all the horse/cat/whatever animal that crosses my path's hair perfectly! So I'm not wearing it once and washing it in disgust!
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