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toilet problems, advice needed ASAP please

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Hiya peeps.

Yes my cat is driving me nutty!

Ive had her 3weeks now, for the first 10 days she used the litter tray no problems (did notice she is very close to the edge as her business hits the inside side of the tray (high one).) Since then her poo has been found next to the litter tray. When i have seen her poo, she is actually in the tray but her bottom is over the edge!!!! , and hence the little accidents! Ive tried putting the lid on the tray, she won't use it at all then!

Now ive noticed she is not weeing in the litter tray (round the back of it!), or when she is, its the same problem with her bottom being out, and my carpet getting a good watering!

My friend brought me round a spare tray, a normal lower one, and yesterday she wee'd in that, (poo'd in the other one though, succesfully, so i was pleased), but this morning i awoke to find a wee stain on the carpet next to the new litter tray. Im not sure if she was in it or not.

What i don't get is she used her tray fine, when she first arrived, so im not sure its just because she does not like the type litter, or the tray, be it the tray is high, but it was not a problem for the first 10 days.

So i dont't know what s going on with her! Or how to solve her pooing/weeing over the edge of the tray(s).

All i do know is that i can't keep waking up to find wee and poo on the carpet, its such a nightmare to clean, and is knackering me out!
My mum says to return her back (as her previous owners said if she was a problem i could), but i don't really want to!, but i don't see any other option if she carries on like this
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Have you cleaned the carpet with an enzyme cleaner?
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What kind of litter are you using?
Most kittens do not like scoopable litter, and a lot of cats will not use it either. If you are, switch to a regular litter.

Take your cats front paws and scratch them through the litter. Let her feel it in her toes.

Take the poop and put it in the litter box and leave it there. Keep doing that over and over again. Try and sop up the wee in a paper towel and ring it out in the litter box...again keep doing this over and over again. Drag your cats paws through the litter with the wee and poo in it. I know that it sounds gross, but it works. I have almost never run into a cat that did not eventually get the hint, by using this method. This is true love, but it works. Best of luck to you and your little one.

Peace, Love and Tie Dye
Rob & Sport
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I'd suggest a vet visit, to rule out a UTI or other health problem - stress sometimes causes illnesses, such as the stress of moving into a new home. But, I suspect it's more she doesn't like the litter. I know it's a pain, but I'd go out and buy a few different litters (unscented, if possible, and different textures), and maybe a few differently sized boxes (really big, small, high sides, low sides . If you're in the US, I strongly suggest trying Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract (or Kitten Attract, if she's a baby) litter - works like a charm for my boy.

Also, do clean clean clean with an enzyme cleaner - and if you can get a black light, try it so you can find all the spots. Believe me, I know it's not fun - but amazing how fast they find a way into your heart so that you'll do all this extra work!
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How old is your cat?

What kind of litter were the previous owners using? Have you changed brands? If not, maybe she does not like that type of litter. Most cats can be picky about that.

For the carpet cleaning, get some Nature's Miracle, it is my holy grail product and works extremely well and is easy to use. Shake bottle, pour on stain generously, work in well with fingers (I wear rubber gloves) and then that's it you are done. Trust me, *it will* clean up those nasty poop stains. Nature's Miracle also makes a great cat litter that I love. 100% natural (corn based, but does not leave yellow paw prints all over) it clumps well and covers odors decently. Also it is flushable.

Litter box. Is it easy for the cat to get in and out of? For example, if your cat is still a young kitten, you may need to get a smaller box. If your cat is 6 months or more, is it big enough for her length wise?

Is the litter box located in an area that is easily accessible to her?

What are you washing the litter box with? If you are using bleach or other harsh chemicals, the smell is probably repulsing her. Just plain ol dish soap and hot water is sufficient to clean out the box. Remember, cats go by smell, and if their litter tray smells all chemically, they won't like it.

Lastly has she been declawed? Cats who have been declawed often experience pain in their feet when using the litter box so they tend to avoid using the box.
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