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More foster kittens!

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Well, we still have Den and Della who are now about three and a half months old, Della has had three calls from people wanting to adopt her so hopefully the people who do the homing checks will get around to meeting the potential parents. As for Den, nobody is interested in a little black kitten even though he is beautiful so Andy and I are talking about keeping him... ok we've pretty much decided he can stay, not just for us but for Jupey too!

On Sunday we received three orphan kittens who are about four and half weeks old. They were found on a building site and dumped at a vets and that's as much as I know. They were being taken care of by another fosterer but now that they're older they've been passed on to me. They are just being weaned off the bottle, at the moment they are on three bottles a day between them and three pouches of kitten food. It's the first time I've bottle fed but it's going ok so far, they should just be on kitten food by the weekend.

So we have Lester:



Lester is a food wader, her literally tries to grab all the food for himself and ends up covered in it and looking like a gremlin! Daisy seems to be the most advanced, she's excellent with the bottle and is the cleanest of the bunch. Annie is the runt of the litter, she gets the most milk and it's difficult to get her to latch on. She's improving every day so should be fine to come off it at the weekend.

Lester has also had some problems with his sisters trying to nurse on him, we seperated them for a day to give him a break but he's back in with them now. He's still peeing fine so we've to see how he goes on. I haven't seen the girls nursing on him so far today so I'm hoping they might be growing out of it.

As for me, I'm so tired from cleaning up after 7 cats as well as trying to do the normal housework (I have M.E.). I've had Andy at home helping but he's now back on shifts so I'm trying to do a bit at a time. it seems to never end!! It all seems worth it though when they're all fed and clean at the end of the day!

Edited to add:
I forgot to say that they all have a home with someone that volunteers for Cats Protection. You don't know how relieved I am to know that!!
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Awwww! They are adorable!!!

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Adorable but hard work! I'll be glad when their new mum comes for them, I hope it's sooner rather than later!
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It is a lot of work. They look nice and healthy.
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