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2 questions!

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Ok firstly, need to know around about how old you think my kitty may be.. her name is Manny and we got her from a pregnant woman who found her outside her house. She had been alone for a couple of days...


Secondly, she has very runny stool and today I saw the slightest hint of blood on top like unnoticeable if you were walking by, but since i'm the pooper scooper i kind of inspect all of it... and I have noticed that her anus is protruding... so help please!!!!!

~Eriqua and Manny
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She looks really little but I am not good at aging from those angles. Someone who is better at it will come along.
I would take her to the vet because she could have worms or another parasite.
Besides she needs to see to see a vet to get vaccinated and tested for disease.

Does she seem healthy otherwise?
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To me, she looks to be 7ish weeks old, but hard to tell from those angles.

She should for sure be seen by a vet and have a stool sample done. She more then likely has worms, or could have giardia or another nasty parasite.
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You might want to check out this site:

it has a lot of helpful information and can help you better age your kitten by characteristics.

Although I do agree with other about taking her to the vet if you are finding blood in her stool, and they will be able to better age your kitten.

Also, if that is a flea collar on her you might want to consider removing it. The chemicals in a flea collar can be toxic to kittens. The following is a link to a site explaining it.

Good luck with your baby, so much cuteness packed in such a small package!
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I would say more like 5-6 weeks. Probably too little to start the vaccinations, but you still need to take her a vet to be checked out.
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ok so I took her flea collar off she really enjoyed that! and we stopped giving her cat's milk (whiskas) and she has no blood in sight... tomorrow we will go visit the vet though... she definitely needs it... thanks for the suggestions and replies!

~Eriqua and Manny
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One of my kittens (out of 5) had blood in his stool shortly after he started eating hard food (4-6 weeks). I did some asking around and decided it was probably the hard food. It was too hard for him to digest. So, I backed off that and started giving mostly soft food. When we went to the vet, he had no parasites, whatsoever. Once on the mostly soft food diet, he didn't have another incident.
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No more then about 8 weeks old at the most. But if she's having problems with blood in stool and anus protruding, she needs to be seen by a vet ASAP It could be a combination of worms and the food she's eating/has been eating.
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It's amazing what some really good kitten food can do for such a needing baby kitten. I hope she is ok, and I'm sure the vet will take good care of her
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