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kitty...on heat?

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My cat mecha has never been a very vocal cat and was only a small talker, the thing is this morning she started mrrr ing, she is also rolling around on the floor. she is not desexed as I have only recently been able to afford it
she is about 9 1/2 months old, my question is does this sound like she is on heat to yous?
I am going to the vet tommorow to find out about getting her de sexed but I've heard it's dangerous to have it done while the cat is in heat, is it dangerous?

thanks for any replies

nem and mecha
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Your Cat is in Heat. My Vet dosent like to fix them when they are in Heat because they swell and there is more blood flow.
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Just agreeing with mews - it def sounds like your cat is in heat! Our experience was similar - little Conor was never very vocal and then one day - bam. Not sure how old she was (former ferals - we didn't even know if Conor was a girl or boy until she went into heat as she wouldn't let us get close enough at the time!) but we called the vet and he said to call him again as soon as she stopped (and I quote) "rolling around on the floor and yowling". That time came a few days later and we got her in and fixed the day after.

Vets will do it while they are on heat, but some charge more as it is more tricky. Conor's heat cycle lasted about 4-5 days with the first few days being the 'worst'.
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thanks, I want to get her done asap because what she is going through seems horrible to me, she's mrring alot and it's making me feel horrible lol
before mecha I'd never had a queen before, only tom cats (female heat doesn't seem to nice) but I don't want to put her in if it's a risk to her, I can handle the mrr ing
thanks for your reply. I'll see if I can arange to get her done when it seems like she's finished heating (before she has a chance to hit it again)
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Just make sure she doesn't get out at all until you can get her desexed. As it's her first call and still cold weather with any luck you'll have a few weeks break to get her done.
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If she is calling and rolling, yes she is in heat. Do NOT let her get outside. You can spay theml when in heat; it will cost more. But some vets want to wait.
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I had my cat, Lily, spayed a few weeks ago. As she was 1 year old and an indoor cat, she was in heat. We needed to get her spayed (we hadn't before as she was 10 months when we rescued her and wanted her to settle in first) so we phoned various vets and they all said to wait until she had stopped "yowling". We did, and then the next day she got spayed by my local vet. However, she was more difficult to spay and instead of a very small operation it took much longer, had a much more stitches and larger wound and altogether was more traumatic. The main reason for difficulties was that she was still swollen etc from the heat - so says the vet. There were problems later on and she had to go back from being allergic to cat gut but that was nothing to do with actually being spayed.

It IS much better to get her spayed, the earlier the better, but please make sure her heat is well and truly over! It also pays to get a more professional vet (not a cheap spay/neuter) because it is a much more difficult op when the cat is older.
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My Stripe was in heat when fixed also and there were bleeding problems with her. She had to have surgery twice. The Vet said the swelling causes more blood flow which makes it harder. She was having another surgery the same day. My Coco could not be fixed because it wasnt safe and even at age 16 she goes in heat. She can be so loud it drives me crazy. The good thing she dosent go in heat alot anymore. I think she had 3 heats this year.
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I think I'll wait a bit, because she's precious to me ad I don't want to set her up for complications
we only have two vets in my town both of which charge a fair bit for desexing cats
I intended on getting her done all along I just had alot more trouble getting a job then I was counting on, she should def be done before she hits one year old now because I can afford it
she's also an indoor only cat and has never spent time outside and freaked out the few times she did make a break for it so I'm not to worried about her attempting to get outside because she seems scared of it lol
thanks for all your advice
nem and mecha
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A cat in heat will want to get out - you still should keep an eye on her. All it takes is one time!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
A cat in heat will want to get out
They have one thing on their mind and will do anything to get it Doesn't matter that they have never been out, or are terrified outside.
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