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Max Haming it up :)

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So today this evening I picked up my New Camera from the post office after my husband got home from work.

After the kids went to bed I got to play with it a little bit... clearly, after using my super nice Canon point & shoot that did everything for me, this was a 'wee' bit different & took some learnin' lol SOOO after a few blurry pics (as even with my other camera I always refuse to use any sort of 'auto' settings) and following the kitties around the house while trying to shoot them with my 'new canon' *slr*' I manage to get some 'ok' ones... so since its been forever that I posted photos of the kitties I wanted to post them

These being my first shots ever, in a dimly lit house, with my first ever SLR... I can see that I am going to LOVE this camera

Max Hamming it up...

Then I decided to play with the B&W & got a shot of Yuki (if you look way to the back you can see Horatio in the front room through the foyer)

Hopefully after more playing around, I'll have better ones tomorrow, certianly when I have some nice daylight coming in the windows
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hehe....you have a Ham kitty! hehe Dontcha love DSLRs??? i have a Nikon...don't think i'll ever get a normal camera again...hehe
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Beautiful shots of beautiful kitties
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Thank You I already have some fun ones of Horatio, I'll get around to uploading them later. I'm having fun with this camera
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Nice pictures. It is always nice to get a new toy .
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Max is an absolutely stunning boy! I love his markings. It looks like he stuck his snoot into a pot of white paint and covering up his tabby stripeys on his nose and lips.
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What cuties
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I just love his little white nose!
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