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Kitty litter advice???

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I really need to change cat litter, but I'm afraid of wasting my money..
So, does anyone have any advice on what to get/not to get?
I've been using TidyCats small space. It does a good job of covering the smell, but it tracks EVERYWHERE. I can deal with the smell because I clean regularly, but I can't stand the tracking.
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I have actually had really good luck with the Walmart Special Kitty brand in the green and white Jug. It is a scooping litter. Also, the brand from Costco (if you have a membership) works well too.
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Heres my secret!

1 inch Feline Pine scoop-able on the bottom of the box ( not the pellets )
2 inches Arm and Hammer Essentials ( its corn based good for the environment )

Scoop daily top off as needed alternating between the 2 cat litters

We are on day 14 ( without a total box change ) and we are still fresh as day one.

We plan on changing the box ( full change of litters , wash etc ) on day 18.

Litter Box Pic
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Originally Posted by *Pepper* View Post
I have actually had really good luck with the Walmart Special Kitty brand in the green and white Jug. It is a scooping litter.

We've been using regular Special Kitty Scoop, and Special Kitty Scoop with Crystals. I buy the 28 lb sizes. Cat litter costs us about $14/month using Special Kitty. So that leaves more money for food and toys.
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I use "Cat's Pride - Clean and Fresh". It is a good value traditional type litter. It takes care of the smell fantastically. And it leaves NO tracks at all. Best of Luck.

Peace ,
Rob & Sport
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I like TidyCats for the odor control and hard clumping, but you're right. Those little round balls do manage to roll everywhere.

The sand type is a little better, but still scatters quite a bit. Clay or something with larger irregularly shaped bits will scatter the least.

Do you have to have the clumping type? I've been switching over to a non-clumping litter this week (one box every other day) in anticipation of new kittens. I found a very inexpensive litter at a local discount store: Hartz Ph5. I put a little baking soda in the bottom of the pan, just in case, and have had no odor problems at all. It does scatter a little, but nothing like those beads. Also, the cats seems to like it. When I changed the first pan, they all used that one for the next day and ignored the clumping litter in the other pans.

One other advantage I hadn't anticipated. With three cats and the clumping litter I was clearing the boxes twice a day. Since I only scoop poop from the non-clumping type I only have to do it once a day.

According to most of the information I've read, you do need to change the non-clumping litter more often, so the cost probably equals out.

Good luck on finding something one the first try.
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We use the pellet kind. I prefer that now instead of the clumping. We use wood stove pellets. You can get a 40 lb bag for about $5 at the feed/farm stores.
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i get the best results w/ScoopAway - hard clumping, etc. - but i prefer unscented & sometimes their unscented is hard to find. when i can't get that, then i usually get Exquisicat, which is Petsmart's brand. doesn't clump as hard as ScoopAway, but i think it's equal to most of the other clumping clays. & both work in my automated boxes - altho ScoopAway works better.
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We are using the meijer brand and love it. It's not dusty, it doesn't track nearly as much as tidy cats and it clumps harder than tidy cats. oh yeah and its cheap--we will be sticking to meijer brand.

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