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One more rung on the ladder toward old age...

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Whine ... whine ... whine...

Mind you, I'm ONLY 35. Yes, I've had my share of sprains, concussions, knee injuries, etc... my mind likes to wander (though i firmly plant that under ADD)... well, the last two days have put me one rung higher on the Old Age Ladder.

My hip keep popping and is causing some rather ugly pain.

Oh bother.

See, I have to climb/descend a set of stairs to get to and from my apartment and the parking/garbage/mail/etc. Yesterday and today, about three times now, as I've descended the last step or two (or, in one instance yesterday, after the steps, walking the remainder of the path to my door), and my right hip popped... PAINFULLY. the last one happened an hour ago and still aches.

I called the doctor. I can't get in until Tuesday. If it still acts up tomorrow, they MAY be able to squeeze me in after work, but her schedule is full.

Now, I used to dance (modern, jazz, some ballet, nothing professional), but stopped at 22, mostly because I kept landing wrong/losing balance. I'd get hurt... far too much. I've been paying for it ever since.

I've joined a gym, but my schedule makes things difficult. Add to that the flare-up of head and neck pain the last two weeks (coincides with girl stuff), which has finally subsided. There is something wrong with this body... I want a new one. I doubt my doctor will do much. She, like most of my previous doctors, doesn't listen as well as she should... she's better than the last one, but has a long way to go before she gets as good as my doc from Chicago. I wonder if I could switch to the male doc from the same office... he's the one who originally was recommended to me, but he wasn't taking new patients at the time... I'll ask next week. I like her for some things... girl stuff (those pesky annuals), but I'm not so sure anymore... we'll see what happens next week. My insurance isn't gonna cover much more... I hate my insurance...

Anyway... we'll see how this plays out.

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Boy, getting old IS a bummer, isn't it?

I like to think of myself as "middle-aged," but since I don't know anyone 112 years old, I suspect I'm on the downhill side of the ride.
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you are not old ... we are the same age and I refuse to be old so you cant be old either!!!
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I think, because I thoroughly abused my body as a kid and up to the age of 22, through dancing, it's getting me back. Mentally, I don't even ACT my age. I don't feel old... heck, I don't feel 35 (or look it)... but then things like this show up and make me think again.

The pain is nearly gone... I'll go to the gym in the next couple of days and continue working on my upper body... no treadmill or anything (and no, that wouldn't have triggered this... I haven't been back in two weeks because of the upper body pain)...

Back to relaxing...

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I'm turning 40 in November and as long as I can remember, each morning when I straighten out my legs...both knees pop! It doesn't hurt, they just pop!

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Consider stretches to strengthen that area. If it's just loose ligaments, that, and an anti-inflammatory is all a doctor will suggest anyways.

I have various joints that pop, including hips. I've even popped my hips (felt like a partial dislocation) out rolling over in bed. Whenever a joint pops I try to immediately realign it by stretching/turning it opposite of the way it popped - so far it has worked and keeps me from hurting for a couple weeks. In my case it's some hypermoblity, but injury and elevated homocysteine levels can cause damage that would lead to looser ligaments.

Also, changes in hormones around your period can affect joints. It makes mine looser.
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