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Tornado damage pics from my parents

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Monday night an F2 tornado hit Griffith, IN, which is very close to my parents house. While it did not touch down on their property, it did go over it judging by the damage to the trees but not the house.

These are the pictures my mom sent: http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i2.../Storm%202008/

They lost two oak trees near the house (and two trees from the neighbors' yards), and the top of two oak trees at the back of the property. Everyone is fine, the house is fine, and the cars sustained minimal damage. But they, and thousands of others, are still without power. My mom's just upset about losing the trees.
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I'd be upset about the trees too. But I am glad to hear they are all ok!
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Wow (glad your parents were not hurt) that looks like our neighborhood last week when we had a tornado in the area. We didn't have the actual funnel but the winds were strong enough to take down 50-75 trees in our town - all over.

People had trees ripped out of the ground or snapped in the yards. The trees were in the yards or in the street. Luckily no houses were damaged (minor in a few cases) and no cars either. This happened at 6am in the morning. Neighbor's tree fell right between our two cars and his car!
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Poor trees, but I'm glad your parents are ok
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thanks to God your parents are so well!...... poor trees:......
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Thank goodness the house wasn't touched and everyone is okay. I would still be upset about the trees knowing me. I've never been around a tornado nor do I ever wish to be around when one is on the ground. It's always scary to see when they're trying to form in the sky in the clouds. *shudder* My parents live out in the country and when I was about 6 years old or so we got up on our pool deck and watched three tornadoes that were in town moving around. We weren't even near them. They were 10+ miles away but it was still scary to watch, even as a little kid.
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