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kitten problem

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We have just adopted two new cats, the moms a year and a half and the kitten 4 months, the kitten has displayed some unusual symptoms, yellowish diarahea, lethargic, no appetite for the past 10 days or so, Brought her to the vet and gave us anti-diarrhea pills 7 days ago.

She had them all, and still has diarrhea, today within a period of about 12 hours she went from lethargic and no appetite to sporadic urination, excessive druelling and nerolgical change where she took a bite into my hand and has been shaking a bit on and off, she has started to howl a bit as well. brought her to the vet tonight and he prescribed antibiodics, I'm really concerned any experience with this would be appreciated???? thanks, D

we have 5 all together

photo of the our kitten girl below
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Welcome to the forum!
First off, it sounds to me as if you need to get some food into this kitten ASAP. I'd suggest you go get some stage 1 baby food - plain chicken or beef and, from the drug store, pick up the type of syringe used to give liquid baby meds. Mix some water with the food so that it will pass through the syringe. Very slowly and carefully, squirt very small amounts into the side/corner of her mouth - not down her throat, because she could aspirate - choke - on it.

I'm concerned about the shaking - I'm wondering if she's going into shock. The biting could well mean that she's hungry.

Meantime, if there is any wet cat or kitten food at home, maybe someone else could gently take little bits of that and get some into her.

I'll stop here so you'll get this note quickly.
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Do you have a Er Vet. I think she needs to stay at the Vet and get a Iv. My Stormy drooled and I lost her. Her kidneys were gone. What did the Vet say?
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Oh, my. I hope you have made it to an Emergency Vet by now. Too many things to consider. Neurological changes and diarrhea for too long (dehydration) is not good. If regular vet has no answers look for a vet school nearby. They are a great resource for help with difficult cases.

Please let us know how she is doing. Best of luck getting help. She desperately needs some.
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